November 1980 Table of Contents

The Contractor as a Precaster

Michael Lombard, chairman of the board of The Lombard Company, Alsip, Illinois is a general contractor who operates his own precast concrete plant to produce panels and other members that help improve the efficiency of his jobsite concrete operations. Read more

A Modular Precast Concrete Building System

A Fort Worth, Texas company says it provides solutions for several problems that plague building contractors today. Read more

Problem Clinic White Discoloration Predicted

We are bidding on some city sidewalks where the specifications require that plastic sheet be used for curing. We know that this ordinarily causes white discoloration and we don't want to be held responsible. Is there any way to prevent the discoloration? Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete for Peace and Quiet

Are there any data to show a prospective customer that concrete walls are effective in deadening the sound between two adjacent rooms? Read more

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