October 1980 Table of Contents

Quarrying Old Pavements to Build New Ones

Interest in recycled concrete is growing for a number of reasons: supplies of high-grade concrete aggregates are being depleted in some regions; better methods are in demand for solid waste disposal; and there is increasing need for energy conservation. Read more

Divorces and Ruptured Relations Between Epoxies and Concrete

Epoxy and other polymers are very useful in concrete construction. They are used as coatings, protective armor, bonding agents, for joinery and for many types of repairs to concrete elements and structures. Read more

Problem Clinic Who Should Bear the Cost of Concrete Replacement?

Our company supplied concrete for some flatwork from which 15 cubic yards had to be torn out and replaced because of low test strengths. We are not convinced that the low strength measurements were valid. How can we determine who should pay the cost of removing and replacing this concretes Read more

Problem Clinic Repair of Crack In Topping Over Precast Planks

I have a 24- by 26-foot slab 3 inches thick cast over precast concrete planks on top of 8-foot walls. It has been in for 3 years. It has a full-length crack over the center seam of the planks. How can I fix it? Read more

Problem Clinic Eliminating Urine Odors

What method should be used to rid concrete of the odor of urine? Read more

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