June 1981 Table of Contents

Features Horizontal Concrete Silos

Horizontal silos provide the cheapest way to store and use silage. Read more

Features Simplified Repair of Wall Cracks

A simplified system has been developed for repairing cracks and leaky walls. Read more

Features Promoting the Farm Market

The modern farmer is a sophisticated businessman. Show him how paved concrete feedlots or feeding floors will speed up livestock weight gain, resulting in higher profits, and you have a new customer for concrete. Read more

Features Concrete Walls Strengthen Post-Frame Farm Buildings

Simple construction techniques can easily be applied to strengthen pole and post-frame farm buildings. Read more

Features Hog-Pen Dividers Can Be Cast in Place

A new plastic insert for forms makes it possible to cast hog-pen dividers in place. Read more

Features Concrete Veneer Duplicates 1929 Masonry

A second expansion of the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix has spurred yet a second cost-efficient method of matching the unique appearance of Frank Lloyd Wright's original textile block construction. Read more

Features A Vacuum Dewatering Demonstration

The vacuum dewatering process basically improves strength, durability, and other properties of concrete by reducing the water-cement ratio immediately after the mix is placed, usually in floors and other flatwork. Read more

Problem Clinic Cracked Tees in Cooler

There has been serious spalling in the stems of precast tees of the ceiling in a cattle carcass cooler. The tees are 18 inches high with rebars located 3 inches, 5 inches and 7 inches from the base. Carcasses are run into the cooler on tracks suspended fr Read more

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