March 1981 Table of Contents

Features Special Concretes

Designers and contractors often come across problems which call for special solutions involving concrete. Read more

Features Prestressing Improves Concrete's Competitive Advantage

Prestressed concrete joins steel and concrete, using the best attributes of each. Read more

Features High-Strength Concrete, Chicago Style

Close communication between the designers and the Chicago ready mix industry has been an important factor in the development of new products, among them high-strength concrete. Read more

Features Fiber-Reinforced Concretes

Concrete is considered a brittle material because it has a low tensile strength and a low tensile strain before fracture. Read more

Features Ferrocement in Construction

Ferrocement can be considered a type of thin reinforced concrete construction in which large amounts of small-diameter wire meshes are used uniformly throughout the cross section instead of discretely placed reinforcing bars and in which Portland cement mortar is used instead of concrete. Read more

Features Structural Lightweight Concrete

Lightweight concrete is concrete weighing substantially less than that made using gravel or crushed stone aggregates. Read more

Features Low Density Concretes

At the lower end of the lightweight concrete spectrum, concretes weigh as little as 12 to 15 pounds per cubic foot, and have compressive strengths ranging down to 5 psi or less. Read more

Problem Clinic Slipproofing a Surface for Cattle

A dairy farmer has installed some steel-troweled 20- by 90-foot runners in three stalls of his cattle barn. The cows are slipping on the accumulation of manure and the problem is becoming serious. What is the best way for us to roughen the concrete for hi Read more

Problem Clinic Finishing Floors By Grinding

We will be building some low-rise apartments in early winter and we are concerned about the long waiting time before finishing. Would it be economical to finish by grinding? Read more

Problem Clinic Measuring Curling or Warping

What is the standard way of measuring the amount of warping in precast panels? Read more

Problem Clinic Discoloration From Forms

The exposed smooth walls of a commercial office building are not uniform in color. The plywood forms used were new when the job began. We noticed that the forms absorbed a considerable amount of form release agent the first time it was applied to them. As Read more

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