May 1981 Table of Contents

Features New Life for Old Buildings

The durability of concrete means that structures built of it have long life spans, resisting weather, surviving hurricanes and earthquakes, fires, and the many other ravages of time. Read more

Features Shotcrete for Building Repairs

Shotcrete consists of the same basic ingredients as ordinary concrete; it is also feasible to use most of the same admixtures. Read more

Features Getting Ready for Concrete Repairs

The success of any patching, restoration or overlaying of concrete depends on proper preparation of the surface being repaired. Read more

Features Concrete in the Redevelopment of St. Katharine Docks

Built in the 1820s, St. Katharine Docks once flourished as a center for lucrative trading between London and the East. Read more

Features Surface Preparation of Concrete for Paints and Coatings

Three important considerations are involved in surface preparation: surface condition requirements, evaluation of surfaces, and methods of surface preparation. Read more

Features A Catalog of Decorative Barrier Coatings for Concrete

Application of a protective or decorative coating is the final step in many repair programs. Read more

Features From Abandoned Silos to Luxury Hotel

Cut some windows, install some floors, and you're well on your way to converting 36 retired silos into a 200-room luxury hotel. Read more

Problem Clinic The Vibrator Knows What It Wants

We have recently been having trouble with vibration of concrete in wall forms. Normally we try to give good, thorough vibration with an immersion vibrator, but if we vibrate the mix very long on this job we get excessive mortar rising to the surface. The Read more

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