October 1981 Table of Contents

Features Estimating Reinforcing Bars

It is important that the contract drawings and specifications give complete detailed information about the reinforcing bars. Read more

Features Welded Wire Fabric

The application of welded wire fabric that first comes to mind for most engineers and contractors is the reinforcement of nonstructural slabs on grade with rolls of "building fabric." Read more

Features Welded Splices of Reinforcing Bars

Proper splicing of reinforcing bars is crucial to the integrity of reinforced concrete. Read more

Features Reinforcing Bar Specifications

The widespread acceptance and use of voluntary consensus standards in the American construction industry is an enviable accomplishment. Read more

Problem Clinic Must Producer Accept Unsuitable Mix Design?

For a recent large prestressed double-tee project the specifications called for the concrete to be designed by an independent laboratory selected and paid for by the owner. The specifications required the double-tees to be designed by the plant producing Read more

Problem Clinic Repairing Piles in Seawater

The piles of an ocean pier have deteriorated to the point where they have to be repaired soon, and some of the reinforcing steel will have to be replaced. The thickness of the repair will vary from about 1 1/2 to 3 inches and we would like a recommendatio Read more

Problem Clinic Mixes for Exposed Aggregate Walks

Is there a standard mix to use for exposed aggregate flatwork if you do not want to seed the top of the concrete with a special aggregate? Read more

Problem Clinic Protect Finishing Operations Against Windborne Particles

While a slab was being floated and troweled the wind blew polystyrene beads onto the surface. These came from loose fill insulation in an adjacent concrete block wall. The finishers could not remove these lightweight particles and the particles got worked Read more

Problem Clinic Repair of Face of Spandrel Beam

A spandrel beam on the front face of a two-year-old shopping center is not plumb. The beam is 4 to 5 feet wide and 50 feet long. Some time ago it was given a patch that varied in thickness from 1 inch at the top to nothing at the bottom. The patch include Read more

Problem Clinic Construction Joints in Exposed Aggregate Walks

I don't understand the use of construction joints in exposed aggregate walks. What is the proper way to install them? Read more

Problem Clinic Cracking Over Rebars in Flatwork

We do finish work for a pool contractor who insists on using #4 rebar in all his flatwork. We get hairline cracks above the rebar locations except where concrete is 6 inches thick. We have suggested that he use welded wire mesh but he refuses. What can we Read more

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