April 1982 Table of Contents

Features Understanding Why Failures Occur

If you are connected with construction at almost any point between the T-square and the tar paper, you will probably be involved in a lawsuit before you retire. Read more

Features Let's Stamp Out Concrete Burns

Contact of the skin with fresh concrete, mortar or grout can lead to severe chemical burns requiring repeated skin grafts, and can result in permanent crippling injuries and even in attempts at suicide. Read more

Features Custom Forms Shape Prison Cells

Custom-made steel forms may be very expensive or very economical, depending on how many times they can be reused. Read more

Features Precast Panels Are Stay-in Place Forms for Slabs

Precast concrete panels stiffened by small, integral steel trusses can be used as stay-in-place forms for floor and roof slabs either solid flat plates and slabs or deeper slabs with voids. Read more

Problem Clinic Pump to Reach Center of Building

Our company has been awarded the floor contract for a hospital. We will have to reach out as much as 200 feet and place 50 cubic yards per hour to make slabs up to 40 feet wide at heights up to 75 feet. Our cranes will not reach far enough to place concre Read more

Problem Clinic Hard To Find: Water and Power Resources Service

We have been asked to supply a curing compound that meets the specifications of the Water and Power Resources Service. We have never heard of this Service and don't know anyone who has. Is this a state or federal agency? Read more

Problem Clinic Cutting Concrete With Water

We have heard of cutting concrete by high pressure water jet but the only information we can find is about equipment used for one of two purposes: (1) exposing aggregate in the surface of concrete soon after forms have been stripped, and (2) removing hard Read more

Problem Clinic Removing Oil Stains

What is the best way to remove motor oil stains? The oil has probably soaked pretty deeply into the concrete. Read more

Problem Clinic Easier to Strip Foam if Aggregate Can Be Exposed

We have been using extruded polystyrene foam form liners on tilt-up panels. During stripping this material breaks up and some of it usually sticks to the concrete. This has to be peeled off piece by piece, a laborious job. Read more

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