August 1982 Table of Contents

Features An Injustice in the Making

On April 1, 1982, the Federal Register announced that the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) was adopting a document approved by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) which revises the chapter of the "AASHTO Interim Guide for Design of Pavement Structures 1972" concerning the structural design of rigid pavements. Read more

Features Separate Placing Booms Aid in Concrete Pumping Operations

Erected atop a high-rise, placing booms can put concrete where you want it, not just where the pumpline happens to end. Read more

Features Architects Find Duct System in Floor Slab Simplifies Relocating Wiring and Outlets

An objection often raised to the use of concrete floor systems in multistory office buildings is the difficulty of installing a flexible wiring system. Read more

Features Latex-Modified Concrete Puts Soldier Field Back into the Game

Chicago's Soldier Field received a face-lift that will add at least 50 more years to the stadium's life, thanks to the strength and weathering properties of latex-modified concrete used for the renovation. Read more

Features Pumping Concrete: Line Pressure and Equipment Choice

The first step in planning a concrete pumping system is to determine the capacity and pressure requirements of the system. Read more

Features GFRC: Recent Uses and Developments

Glass fiber reinforced concrete, usually referred to as GFRC, is made of a Portland cement and aggregate slurry reinforced with short glass fibers. Read more

Problem Clinic Minimizing Wear on Pump Hose Line

For our pumping operations we've been using hose that is supposed to have a wear-resistant cover. Yet we've seen the hose wear out in places, sometimes after a fairly short period. Should we be looking for a different type of hose or is there something we Read more

Problem Clinic Parking Lot Promotion

Does the American Concrete Institute have a promotional program for nonreinforced concrete parking lots? Read more

Problem Clinic Black Surface Discoloration

Normal mixing and placing procedures were followed on some recent jobs but the concrete had a tendency to blacken on the surface. Could any variations in city water treatment have caused the problem? Read more

Problem Clinic Testing for Air Content

Is there a practical way to test air content on the job? Read more

Problem Clinic Ages For Strength Testing

Why are strengths related to time periods of 7 days and 28 days? Read more

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