February 1982 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Placing Column Dowels in Footings

Is it acceptable to work the column dowels down into the fresh concrete of a footing rather than place the concrete around supported dowels? Read more

Problem Clinic Effect of Superplasticizers on Form Pressures

To minimize bugholes in exterior walls we are considering using a high range water reducer to give us flowing concrete. Is there a way of calculating how much higher the formwork pressures would be? Read more

Problem Clinic Kinds of Polystyrene Insulation

What is the difference between expanded polystyrene (described in "Insulated Concrete Walls Built Without Forms," June 1980, page 467) and cellular polystyrene (described in "A Simple, Efficient Insulation System for Poured Concrete Walls," June 1980, pag Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete for Rock Salt Storage

We have had a request for our recommendations as to the type of concrete to use in a rock salt storage bin. Can you help us? Read more

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