January 1982 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Hyatt Regency Failure

What went wrong with the concrete at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kansas City? We've had several questions on this and don't know just how to answer them. Read more

Problem Clinic Clean the Mixer Truck

The 4-inch line from a pump plugged up recently. It turned out that there were some hard lumps of concrete in the mix and a number of these had collected together to plug the line. We had to clean out the pump hopper and discard part of the load. Could th Read more

Problem Clinic Protection Against Anhydrous Ammonia

One of our good farm customers is introducing anhydrous ammonia into his silage. (It is said that this increases its protein value.) Now he discovers that the walls and floor of the silo are deteriorating. Can this be prevented? Read more

Problem Clinic Free Floating Floor

In an earth-sheltered home would it be advisable to make the floor integral with the exterior walls to avoid water problems? Read more

Problem Clinic Materials to Eliminate Ponds on Roofs

In the March 1977 issue, page 141, there is a discussion of how to eliminate the pond on a roof by removing the builtup roofing, spraying on a polyurethane foam in a number of passes, applying a skin by flood-coating and then reroofing. The method was sai Read more

Stair Tolerances Problem Clinic Stair Tolerances

We are building a shopping mall and we would like to know what the tolerances are on stairs. Who enforces these tolerances? Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete to Withstand Hot Metal Spillage

Is there any patching material for concrete floors that could be used in areas subject to spillage of molten aluminum? Read more

Problem Clinic Reducing Line Sizes From Pump

I have a small reciprocating concrete pump powered by a 25-horsepower gasoline engine. Read more

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