July 1982 Table of Contents

Features Architectural Concrete Legacy, Bucks County, Circa 1910

On the outskirts of Doylestown, in the heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, stand three medieval-looking buildings locally referred to as the "Mercer Mile." Read more

Features Custom Form Liners

Form liners are available in a wide range of standard shapes, sizes and patterns, but sometimes these ready-made designs fall short of achieving exactly the effect an architect or builder or developer has in mind. Read more

Features Design Information for Concrete Arch System

An arch system that combines concrete with modular steel sheets has been introduced recently for both earth-sheltered and cut-and-cover construction. Read more

Features Architectural Concrete Serves as Shear Wall

Denver's totally cast-in-place 312-foot-high Barclay towers is the result of an integrated construction sequence combined with a structural design unusual for a building of its size. Read more

Features Some Unusual Architectural Finishes

Although considerable depth of relief can be achieved with fiberglass forms, sculptured effects are usually achieved by applying a foamed or expanded plastic lining to the formwork. Read more

Features Architectural Concrete Integrates Park and Police Headquarters in Florida

The beauty and adaptability of architectural concrete are demonstrated in monumental fashion in the widely acclaimed Police Memorial Building in Jacksonville, Florida. Read more

Features Codes, Zoning and Financing: Impediments to Earth-Sheltered Construction -- Part II

The intended goals of zoning ordinances, like those of building codes, are to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the community and, as well, to maintain aesthetics and property values. Read more

Problem Clinic Hiding Random Cracks

Random horizontal and vertical cracks showed up on about one-third of the panels of a large tilt-up warehouse when they were given a medium sandblast finish. These don't go through the wall and aren't a problem structurally but they look bad. Can they be Read more

Problem Clinic Saving the Drum of Disabled Transit Mixer

If a truck mixer remains broken down for an extended period of time and the drum cannot be rotated, what is the best thing to do? Read more

Problem Clinic Killing the Set Of Concrete in Disabled Transit Mixer

If a truck mixer will be broken down for an extended period, but we can still turn the mixer drum, what can be added to the concrete to completely destroy its set so as to prevent the concrete from hardening in the drum? Read more

Problem Clinic Saving the Mix in Disabled Transit Mixer

Occasionally one of our mixer trucks breaks down before reaching its destination. Our problem is what to do with the load of fresh central-mixed concrete the mixer is carrying. Frequently the truck will be down for a period of one to three hours. Can comm Read more

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