November 1982 Table of Contents

Features Training for Shotcrete Nozzlemen and Tank Builders

Training within a company must encompass all phases of the operation. Read more

Features Approval of Shop Drawings Does Not Indicate Approval of Changes

All contractors are familiar with the requirements of submitting shop drawings before actually installing materials or equipment on a project. Read more

Features A Time Bomb in Floor Tolerances?

For years contractors regularly produced out-of-spec floors because owners hadn't really needed their floors to be as flat as they were specifying. Read more

Features Standard Issued for Econocrete Subbases for Airports

Econocrete subbases have been used in many airports built to specifications developed by the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) or by consultants. Read more

Problem Clinic Dry Floor Needed

Last winter a concrete floor was cast over a vapor barrier on about 3 feet of fill. The floor is used for grain storage so it must be dry; that was the purpose of the vapor barrier. We can't seem to control moisture coming from the floor, or accumulating Read more

Problem Clinic Deterioration From Magnesium Chloride

In Problem Clinic in the February issue you made recommendations for concrete to be used for bins in which rock salt (sodium chloride) was to be stored. We are having major problems with cracking, spalling and surface weathering of concrete used in salt s Read more

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