August 1983 Table of Contents

Features Guidelines for the Contractor's Office Brochure

The corporate office brochure is the single most powerful marketing weapon in a general or subcontractor's marketing arsenal. Following are some guidelines which can help such companies avoid pitfalls in developing the office brochure. These points must be considered if you want to get the most for your money. Read more

Features Children and Concrete

More than 15,000 schools in Britain include concrete as a subject for school projects in their curricula. They find it a pleasurable, creative medium for capturing the interest of children and helping them learn how to solve problems. The British Cement and Concrete Association has developed course materials and established training courses for teachers. Read more

Features Skid Resistance Theory Related to Grooving Practice

Water pressures build up under a tire as the speed increases. When these pressures become high enough they lift the tire completely free of the pavement, and when the entire tire footprint is riding on a water layer or film the tire is said to be hydroplaning. Read more

Problem Clinic Water Storage Facilities

I would appreciate any design and construction literature you have pertaining to concrete water storage facilities. I am particularly interested in specifications for watertightness and information on making joints watertight. Does concrete impart any tas Read more

Problem Clinic Excessive Retardation

Part of a 4 1/2-inch-thick concrete deck that is to be post-tensioned is not hardening, though it is 19 hours old. Only one truckload is involved, and the troublesome area is surrounded by good concrete. All the concrete contains a retarder. Can we do som Read more

Problem Clinic Magnesium Phosphate Cement

We would like to find a material that sets and hardens rapidly that we can use for repairing concrete in city streets and bridges without disrupting traffic any longer than absolutely necessary. We would prefer that this not be an epoxy or other organic m Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete for Heated Slabs for Car Wash

I am designing heated slabs for a do-it-yourself car wash. These will be located in single-car compartments that will be open to the weather on one side. The 5-inch-thick slabs will contain plastic pipe to maintain heat in the slabs at all times during co Read more

Problem Clinic How to Make Saturated Limewater

Test cylinders for an upcoming job are supposed to be cured on site. ASTM C 31 (Section 7.3) says that after the cylinders are stripped they should be cured in saturated limewater. How much lime should I add to a 55-gallon drum of water to make a saturate Read more

Problem Clinic Don't Waste Your Pullout Specimens

If you are using pullout tests to determine stripping time-for-formwork, how do you know when to pull out the specimens? Read more

Problem Clinic Steel Fibers That Don't Ball

Someone told us that fiber balling that occurs in mixing steel fiber concrete is a thing of the past. How has the leopard changed its spots? Read more

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