February 1983 Table of Contents

Features Marina City Record Breaker in 1962

Lightweight concrete slabs only 5-1/2 inches thick project 45 feet from the circular cores of the twin towers that comprise Marina City in Chicago. The 60-story structure climbed 588 feet in 1962 to become the world's tallest reinforced concrete building of its day. The first 20 floors of each tower are for parking, and here the slab is in the form of a continuous spiral. The upper 40 floors are residential, and a complex of shops and services rounds out the city-within-a-city scheme. Read more

Features The World's Tallest Concrete Buildings Today and Yesterday

Built in 1902, the Ingalls Building in Cincinnati was the first reinforced concrete skyscraper in America. Standing 210 feet high, the 16-story building is still in use today. Not until after World War II, however, did concrete buildings exceed 20 stories. Higher buildings were uneconomic because then-current codes required large columns that took up too much rentable floor space. Not until the mid-1950s, when elastic design was replaced by ultimate strength design, did concrete building heights begin to rise. Read more

Features Moscone Convention Center an -- Underground Story

The George R. Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco was opened to the public December 2, 1981. Built at a cost of $126 million, the center occupies an entire city block. Read more

Features Fallingwater -- Transcending Architecture

Fallingwater, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, was built in 1936 for a Pittsburgh department store owner. The house and grounds were later presented to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. The key to the setting is the waterfall over which the house is built. Wright envisioned the house as a series of horizontal concrete "trays," extending as terraces from the living levels. The horizontal reinforced concrete members were spaced one above the other, separated by vertical masses of local sandstone. Read more

Features Concrete Box Girder Sets U.S. Record

Completed in 1982 at a cost of more than $19 million, the post-tensioned box girder of the Houston Ship Channel bridge was cast in place without falsework 175 feet above some of the heaviest ship traffic in the United States. Read more

Features Temple of Light

The intricate and delicately beautiful Baha'i Temple in Wilmette, Illinois, demonstrates the durable versatility of concrete. The temple's exquisite symmetry and delicate tracery become all the more amazing when you learn that its surface is exposed aggregate concrete. Read more

Features The World's Tallest Freestanding Structure Is a Functional Landmark in Concrete

Constructing a single facility adequate for all of Toronto's radio and TV requirements dictated the great height of the CN Communications Tower. An elevation of 1100 feet was needed to clear all Toronto area obstacles for microwave receivers. Read more

Features Floating Concrete Container Terminal at Valdez, Alaska

The world's first floating prestressed concrete container dock, now in Valdez, Alaska, went into service late in 1982, less than a year after its keel was laid at Tacoma, Washington. Read more

Features House of a Hundred Windows

Modern Japanese architecture is noted for innovation. But even in such a cultural climate, this concrete hilltop home in Tokyo is a daring departure from the conventional in concept and materials. It is a 33-foot hollow concrete cube supported by four short, sturdy pillars and is entered through a cylindrical core which rises to the top of the structure. Read more

Features The Guggenheim -- a Concrete Work of Art

More sculpture than building, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City is what its creator Frank Lloyd wright called organic architecture. Entering this architectural spaceship is like walking into a giant concrete seashell. Read more

Features Strengthening Block Basements with Cast-in-Place Concrete

Deflection and cracking in unreinforced concrete block basement walls can be repaired by a process of placing reinforcement and concrete in the hollow cores of masonry. The method is said to work for walls up to 5 inches out of plumb. An average residential installation takes 3 to 4 days and is done by a three-man crew inside the basement. Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete Glare Screens

Why aren't concrete median safety barriers built higher so that there is no need to install steel glare screens? The screens get damaged by cars or trucks hitting the median barrier and they are expensive to fix. We are thinking about using concrete to bu Read more

Problem Clinic Tying Column Cages

We've been trying to think of a way to standardize and simplify the job of tying up reinforcement cages for columns 18 inches square. There will be a large number of columns, and we would like to develop an assembly system that minimizes the work. Read more

Problem Clinic Highway Practices Summarized for 50 States

Among the many states in this country there seems to be a wide variety of specifications for joint spacings, joint sizes, joint configurations and joint sealants for highways. Where can a joint sealant manufacturer obtain a guide to the requirements of al Read more

Problem Clinic Accelerating Tests of Cylinders

For a long time we have considered taking the plunge and going in for accelerated strength testing. We know that cylinders tested in accordance with ASTM C 684 are broken at age 24 hours by the warm water method, at 28 ½ hours by the boiling water method, Read more

Problem Clinic Correction Factors for Core Strengths

When the testing laboratory broke some cores they calculated the strength in psi by dividing the load by the average cross-sectional area. Then they multiplied the result by a "strength correction factor" that gave a lower value. Where did this correction Read more

Problem Clinic Is Exposed Aggregate Concrete More Durable?

At a regional shopping center in northern Illinois we noticed some good exposed-aggregate sidewalks which have been in place a number of years. Read more

Problem Clinic Book About Basics

I work for a company that is a wholesaler of cement and I am trying to put together a layman's type of manual for our office so the secretaries can have more knowledge of the cement and concrete business. Read more

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