March 1983 Table of Contents

Features Earth-Integrated Farm Buildings

Concrete becomes even more important to the farmer when he reaches out for the benefits of earth sheltering. Read more

Features Grinding Produces Superflat Warehouse Floor

To lift 2000-pound loads 45 feet high in narrow warehouse aisles, high-rise lifts or turret trucks weighing nearly 20,000 pounds require extremely flat floors. Read more

Features Cast-in-Place Concrete Slotted Floors for Livestock Feeding Houses

For the contractor looking for ways to increase his share of the market in building livestock confinement feeding facilities, cast-in-place concrete slotted floors can be offered as an economical alternative to precast slotted floors. Read more

Features Earth-Sheltered, Solar Heated Concrete Hog Farrowing Buildings

Energy efficient livestock buildings can be made by combining the advantages of concrete, earth and solar heat. Read more

Features Field Bending of Rebars Partially Embedded in Concrete

What can you do if rebars partially embedded in concrete have been fabricated or placed incorrectly, have become accidentally misaligned, or are no longer properly located because there has been a design change? Read more

Features Insulated Domes Built over Inflated Forms for Bulk Storage

Insulated domes built over inflated forms are being used for storage for potatoes, grain, fertilizer, salt, glass sand, carbon and coke. Read more

Features Precast Panels Shape Wall System with High R-Value

This structural wall system uses 1x3-foot reinforced concrete planks 1 « to 2 inches thick set in parallel rows about 5 inches apart. Read more

Features Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Is Precast for Farm Uses

Glass fiber reinforced concrete has been developed into a number of special agricultural products. Read more

Features Paving Contractor Promotes Parking Lots to Concrete Producers

In an unusual promotion, a contractor decided to market his capabilities among ready-mix producers a reverse direction in marketing. Read more

Features Overhang-Type Bracket Proposed for Full Bridge Deck Construction

Bridge deck scaffolding can be attached directly to the bridge beams while they are still on the ground, according to a proposal by the manufacturer of a proprietary support system. Read more

Features Grooving Barn Floors Saves Lives of Expensive Dairy Cattle

Safety grooving of concrete floors in dairy barns helps farmers who might otherwise lose a good deal of time and money from the destruction of milk cows. Read more

Problem Clinic Curing Agent That Doesn't Inhibit Concrete Bond

A manufacturer recommended that we use the company's sodium silicate curing agent for curing the tops of walls. The representative claimed that it has an advantage over other curing agents because, if it happens to be sprayed onto reinforcement, it doesn' Read more

Problem Clinic Change to Drier Coarse Aggregate in Pumping Mix

On a good-sized pumping job there was serious trouble with fouling of the pump. Everything had been going well with load after load of 4000-psi, 4-inch-slump, air-entrained concrete when suddenly every load became virtually unpumpable. It subsequently tur Read more

Problem Clinic Slipformed Structures Can Be Post-Tensioned

Are slipformed structures ever prestressed? If so, how is the prestressing done? Read more

Problem Clinic Loss of Bondbreaker

We've had some tilt-up panels stick to the floor they were cast on and have had a lot of trouble breaking them loose. This trouble happened with panels cast on a floor that had been built on a hot, very breezy day. It has been suggested to us that rapid d Read more

Problem Clinic Alkali-Silica Reaction Appears in Some New Locations

We have an unusual case of an apparently expanding concrete that baffles local experts. Read more

Problem Clinic Removing Chewing Gum

Please send information on how to clean chewing gum from concrete sidewalks. Read more

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