September 1983 Table of Contents

Features Porous Concrete Slabs and Pavement Drain Water

Traditionally, the goal of a stormwater management system has been to collect, transport and dispose of stormwater as efficiently and quickly as possible. Read more

Features Solving Reinforcement Congestion Problems

Thoughtful detailing practices helped to ease steel congestion at beam/column connections on the Pacific Park Plaza condominium tower in Emeryville, California, and fabric cages cut labor costs while making it easier to correctly position the transverse steel. Read more

Features Rebar Placement Planning

To speed up construction work and help to bring contracts in on schedule, reinforcing steel must be placed accurately and efficiently. Read more

Features Netherlands Concrete Surge Barrier

The Netherlands' nearly two-mile long Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier required the building of 66 reinforced concrete piers ranging from 100 to 130 feet high and measuring 82 by 165 feet at the base, with a design life of 200 years in a seawater environment. Read more

Features Contractor Builds Forms for Nine Miles of Seating Risers

Creating 9 miles of seating risers in the first level of the Hubert Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis presented some unusual forming problems. Read more

Features Fastening to Concrete

Fasteners must be strong enough to perform their task, must be the proper type for the particular application, and must give satisfactory service throughout the life of the building. Read more

Problem Clinic Earth-Sheltered Codes, Zoning, Financing

Nobody seems successful in getting financing for earth-sheltered houses in our area. Where can we get some persuasive information to take to lending institutions? Read more

Problem Clinic Maybe Right- and Left-Handed Operators

Two operators did the chiseling to expose the aggregate on some areas of architectural concrete that we wanted to expose. It's pretty clear which operator worked on any particular area. How can we get uniform work when we need more than one operator? Read more

Problem Clinic Top Came Off During Finishing

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we built 4-inch indoor slabs using 3500-psi concrete of 3-inch slump mixed in a transit mixer. The temperature was 90 degrees F and it was humid, with no breeze. Finishing included use of a 3-bladed power float, followed b Read more

Problem Clinic Wood Embedded in Concrete

I am involved with the design of an earth-sheltered home. Some of the concrete walls are to contain strips of wood embedded in the surface for the purpose of attaching brick veneer. I am concerned that the wood may soak up water, expand and rupture the co Read more

Problem Clinic Establishing Responsibility for Scaled Sidewalk

We put in a sidewalk for the city in November. By the following summer it had scaled. The city ordered tests made of the air content and found it to be low. Then it accused us of using non-air-entrained concrete. The concrete was air-entrained and it was Read more

Problem Clinic Hold the Deliveries

We are placing a floor today and the ready-mixed concrete trucks are arriving on the job faster than we can get the concrete discharged and placed. How long can we allow the concrete to remain in the truck before discharging it? Read more

Problem Clinic Finishing Superplasticized Concrete

We're generally sold on flowing concrete but we've had trouble in finishing flatwork. The mixes tend to be sticky. Finishers find that the concrete moves under their weight, it drags on the trowel, and the surface sometimes tears. Has anyone found what to Read more

Problem Clinic Repeated Floor Deterioration

We have had bad experience repairing the second floor of an industrial warehouse. Read more

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