January 1984 Table of Contents

Features Water-Retentive Admixtures for Grouts Serve Post-Tensioning Needs

The fluidity of grouts varies with the type of grout one uses. Most grouting of post-tensioning tendons is done with neat cement (that is, a mixture of cement and water) to which an admixture has in some cases been added. Read more

Features The Mobile Batcher Mixer

Mobile batcher mixers available today offer both concrete users and concrete suppliers a growing number of options in the mixing and delivery of concrete. Read more

Features Front-Discharge Concrete Trucks

Productivity improvements for both the contractor and concrete producer can result from the use of front-discharge ready mix trucks. The reason? A timesaving capability of driving directly to where concrete is needed, then controlling water addition, chute position and concrete discharge all from inside the truck. Read more

Features Mixer-Mounted Conveyors

With a conveyor belt mounted on the back of a truck mixer, contractors and concrete suppliers alike benefit from the improved placing efficiency. The truck-mounted conveyors have been used on jobs to: Read more

Features The Model Building Codes System

Building codes provide the minimum requirements for safe design and construction. In doing so, they sometimes, out of necessity, confine and restrain the creativity of designers and builders. For this reason, it is most important--and fortunate--that in the United States designers, engineers, code enforcement officials, industry organizations and government bodies all have input in writing building codes. Read more

Features Precast and Cast-in-Place Concrete Used to Speed High-Rise Construction

The Wah Luck House is a 10-story 153-unit apartment tower and cultural center that provides housing for families and the elderly of the Capital's Chinese community while also serving as a cultural focal point. Read more

Features Marketing Construction Services

While many contractors believe they need to actively market their capabilities, few know how to go about successfully developing this important management function. If you're bringing in-house marketing services on-line or evaluating the results of existing departments, some do's and don'ts can help avoid some problems. Read more

Features Soil-Cement: It's Not Just for Highways Anymore

What is soil-cement? Why have millions of cubic yards been used for slope protection, seepage control, foundation stabilization and pipe bedding? Read more

Problem Clinic Routine Bridge Maintenance

With all the concern about bridges that need repair and bridges that are about to fall down, why doesn't somebody prepare a maintenance manual for bridges? It would be useful to know the preventive measures that might forestall at least some of the repair Read more

Problem Clinic Use of Jitterbug and Scaling

We have a sidewalk that has scaled. The contractor who built it didn't seem to be competent; he didn't even use a jitterbug. Doesn't this warrant our demanding that he repair or replace it? Read more

Problem Clinic Splices for Reinforcing Bars

I see many advertisements for sleeves and the mechanical connections for reinforcing bars, and I know they are sometimes welded. What's wrong with an ordinary lap splice? Read more

Problem Clinic The Challenge of Tire Marks

Our insurance company recently paid out on a claim for loss in appearance of a driveway surface. Read more

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