June 1984 Table of Contents

Features An Effective Repair for Leaking Waterstops

Waterstops in joints in concrete structures perform important functions in protecting the structure, its contents and its environment from various aggressive effects of water--corrosion of steel, mildewing or rotting of organic materials, or eroding the surrounding soil. Read more

Features Waterstops
Features Use Joints to Control Floor Cracks

No one likes to see random cracks in concrete floors. Two of the most common causes of floor cracking are drying shrinkage and contraction due to cooling. Cracking can also occur when floor slabs aren't free to move independently of the building elements they're in contact with. Curling of slabs on grade causes cracking, too. Read more

Features Pavement Joint Sealing -- How to Do It Right

This article recommends some procedures that greatly extend the lives of joint seals. The recommendations pertain specifically to polyvinyl chloride sealants conforming to ASTM D 3406, "Joint Sealants, Hot-Poured, Elastomeric-Type, for Portland Cement Concrete Pavements." Read more

Features Beam Configuration and Repetition Lead to Use of Welded Wire Fabric

Constricted spacing for reinforcement, combined with the opportunity to fabricate the steel almost identically for 500 tree-shaped beam-slab-column units, led to the decision to use custom-fabricated welded wire fabric. Read more

Features Cathodic Protection: an Emerging Solution to the Rebar Corrosion Problem

Rehabilitation of concrete structures must incorporate some form of corrosion control; otherwise, the effect would be purely cosmetic and additional costly repair work would be necessary in a few years. Read more

Problem Clinic Air-Entrained High-Strength Concrete

We are interested in the possibility of using high strength concrete in pavements and bridge decks to improve durability. Has anybody achieved 10,000-psi concrete with an air content of 8 percent? If not, is it possible that it can be done? Read more

Problem Clinic Batch Quantities on Delivery Tickets

Would you endorse a concrete sales policy that would use metered scales to stamp the contents of each batch of concrete on the delivery ticket? Read more

Problem Clinic Guaranteeing Durability

Can concrete be guaranteed for outdoor service in a cold climate where freezing and thawing occur, and if so for how long? Read more

Problem Clinic Not-So-Sudden Warning

You published a notice on page 372 of the March issue about an ACI Committee 117 warning to people about specifying floor flatness within 1/8 inch in 10 feet unless needed for special purposes. Read more

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