September 1984 Table of Contents

Features Fountain of Time -- Mighty Sculpture Cast in Concrete

Described when it was new as one of the most colossal undertakings in the history of American sculpture, the Fountain of Time is a cast-in-place exposed aggregate concrete work of art. Read more

Features Making Concrete Buildings Competitive

Many of us believe cast-in-place, reinforced concrete construction is more economical and presents compelling advantages over competing forms of construction for large multistory buildings and for other building frames as well. Read more

Features Specifications for Epoxy-Coated Reinforcing Bars

In 1984, the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) issued a set of suggested project specifications provisions for epoxy-coated reinforcing bars. Read more

Features Stability Problems with Steel-Concrete Composite Construction

Changes in the steel construction and design codes allow much lighter steel frames before concrete than previously considered practical. This is done by using thinner, narrower steel sections and by allowing higher stresses in them. Read more

Features Effect of Freezing Concrete at Early Ages

How is the strength-gain potential of fresh concrete affected by early freezing? In the article, results of an experiment to study this question are given. Read more

Features What to Do with Concrete in Cold Weather

Cold weather concreting presents some special problems, especially if temperatures are below freezing. Cold weather concreting practices should: prevent damage caused by freezing at early ages; protect concrete until it reaches necessary strength levels; allow concrete to cool gradually when protection is removed so that a rapid temperature drop doesn't cause it to crack. Read more

Problem Clinic Removing Oil Stains from Pavements

The stalls in our company parking lot have become unsightly because of oil stains that have accumulated over many years. Is there an effective way to remove the stains? Read more

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