August 1985 Table of Contents

Features Economical Short Span Concrete Bridges

Statistics indicate that about 90 percent of United States bridges have maximum spans of 100 feet or less, and almost 67 percent--nearly 200,000 bridges--are in the 20- to 60-foot range. Read more

Features One-Day Erection for Precast Concrete Bridge Arches

Precasting of standardized sections is bringing the economic and aesthetic advantages of the arch to short span highway structures in the United States. Read more

Features Methods for Achieving and Measuring Soil Compaction

To perform well, concrete structures must be built on firm soil. Soil consists of solids and voids that are filled with either air or water. Read more

Features Structural Lightweight Concrete for Bridge Redecking

How do you expand an existing two-lane bridge into a three-lane bridge? Read more

Features Wall Placement Technique Speeds Construction

Special below-grade concrete placement and waterproofing techniques were developed to speed construction of American Airlines' new baggage handling facilities at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. Read more

Features Good Construction Practices for Residential Concrete

In the September 1985 issue, Concrete Construction inaugurated a series of articles on good construction practices for residential concrete. Read more

Features Concrete Promotion -- Whose Job Is It?

Who will fill the void left by the continuing decline in the promotional programs funded by the Portland Cement Association? Read more

Features Stopping Work: What Are Your Rights?

What are a contractor's options if a customer doesn't make a payment? Read more

Problem Clinic Treatment of Efflorescent Floor

We have lived in the tropics in Central and Latin America where concrete tile floors are common and all I've ever seen done to maintain them is to swab and mop the floors with diesel fuel. However, we now have a 25-year-old house in the Bahamas in which t Read more

Problem Clinic ACI Codes and Specifications

We frequently hear about the ACI Building Code and ACI specifications for concrete for buildings. Are these the same thing? Do they automatically apply to any building we might want to build? Read more

Problem Clinic Repair of Leaky Dome

For the past 5 years our 12-year-old cathedral dome has been showing moist spots on the interior surface whenever it rains or snows. The moisture is not uniformly distributed over the surface, so it is not condensation. About 3 or 4 years ago a thin seal Read more

Problem Clinic System for Containing Hazardous Wastes

We need long-term storage for large quantities of materials that can't be processed immediately before making them safe for discharge into the natural drainage of the area. Where did I see a description of a method of building reservoirs to hold hazardous Read more

Problem Clinic Shale Popouts

Last fall we placed a shop floor in an enclosed but unheated farm building here in North Dakota, using heaters during construction and the remainder of the first 24 hours because the outdoor temperatures were in the 40s and 50s Fahrenheit. The concrete wa Read more

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