February 1985 Table of Contents

Features Cast Walls and Slab at the Same Time with Tunnel Forms

Tunnel forms--either full tunnel forms or half tunnel forms--can be used to cast the walls and ceiling slab of a room at the same time. Read more

Features Concrete Pumping

Massive base mat pours or high-rise projects may include pump placements of thousands of cubic yards of concrete. These record-setting projects sometimes obscure the fact that pumps are used on many small- to medium-sized pours as well. Read more

Building a Concrete Spiral Stairway Features Building a Concrete Spiral Stairway

The challenge was significant: A spiral staircase in architectural concrete, with a broad, curved landing three steps up and a larger boat-shaped landing half way to the second floor. Read more

Features Concrete Arch Supports Earth Blanket over Sanctuary

The congregation of West Cannon Baptist Church in Belmont, Michigan looked to a new gospel in construction when it outgrew the old church building. Read more

Features How Do Blasting, Jarring, and Other Shock Vibrations Affect Fresh Concrete?

In 1985, The American Society of Civil Engineers published new information coming from an extensive program carried on for the Seabrook Nuclear Power Station in New Hampshire, in an effort to increase the blast-vibration limits for freshly placed or green concrete. Read more

Problem Clinic Cement for Corrosion Resistance

I know that there are cements for sulfate resistance. Has anyone ever developed or marketed a cement that reduces corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Drainage for Residential Site

When spring comes we want to break ground for our house. The site is almost dead level. The climate is rainy, the neighborhood generally drains slowly, and ponds develop frequently. There will be no basement because it will be a single story house on a sl Read more

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