January 1985 Table of Contents

Features Considerations in Planning and Designing an Industrial Floor

An industrial floor slab on grade should be durable, free of excessive cracking, and suitably flat and strong enough for the traffic it must carry. Achieving all this takes consultation among the slab designer, owner, soils technologist, and the builder. Read more

Features Mechanical Splices of Reinforcing Bars

Manufacturing, fabrication, and transportation limitations make it impossible to provide full length continuous bars in most reinforced concrete structures. Read more

Features An Immediate, Practical Approach to Floor Tolerances

There are two considerations owners, architects and engineers should bear in mind when they prepare plans and specifications for concrete floors: Read more

Features Working with Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Adding steel fibers to ready mixed concrete improves the concrete's impact strength, flexural strength, fatigue strength, toughness, and its ability to resist cracking and spalling. Read more

Features How to Fix Cracks

This summary of crack repair methods tells what kind of cracks can be repaired with each of the following procedures: Read more

Features What They're Asking About Basics of Concrete

Each year since 1979, seminars on basics of concrete have been offered at the World of Concrete. Read more

Features From Production to Construction

When a ready mixed concrete supplier decided to branch off into concrete contracting, the move represented the 20-year-old company's biggest challenge Read more

Features The Common Sense Approach to Borrowing Money

Everyone knows there is money in banks. The question for a business man or a would-be-businessman is how to get it without using a gun. Somers White, a financial consultant, offers some tips on how the customer can help the banker make a decision. Read more

Features Check Costs on Your Worker's Compensation and General Liability Premiums

Reducing the cost of business is of crucial concern to all contractors. Insurance premium charges for Worker's Compensation and General Liability represent an overhead expense that hasn't been given sufficient consideration as a possible area for cost cutting. Read more

Features Concrete Construction Tips from Readers

Readers tell how to keep concrete from staining swimming pool coping, how to make cleanup of finishing tools easier, how a half-round straightedge helps in meeting flatness tolerances, how sheet metal can be used to make column capital forms that save labor and how a simple tool made from metal conduit can keep wire mesh at the right location during slab construction. Read more

Features The Concrete Subcontractor: Managing Project Risks Part I -- The Bid Phase

Parties to the construction process--owners, architects/engineers (A/E's), prime contractors and of course subcontractors--are becoming increasingly aware of contract risks and the allocation of those risks to the various parties. Read more

Features The Concrete Subcontractor: Managing Project Risks Par II -- The Preconstruction Phase

Procedures which follow the successful bid are discussed in this section of a three-part article on management of project risks. Subjects covered include schedule/budget correlation, overhead rates, drawing coordination, submittals, photographs, and equipment records. Read more

Features The Concrete Subcontractor: Managing Project Risks Par III -- The Construction Phase

Adequate records must be kept during construction. This final section of a three-part article describes construction diaries, project daily reports, coordination of information and change-orders. A system for filing records is outlined. Read more

Problem Clinic Slab Disrupted Over Conduit

The surface of a 12-year-old slab has heaved above the embedded electrical conduit. Wherever the concrete has been disrupted enough to expose the conduit to view, a white-colored deposit can be seen. This looks much like the deposit that develops on the p Read more

Problem Clinic Rate of Evaporation from Slab

For an electronics company operation we recently designed a slab on grade built on a moisture barrier over a gravel base to receive a special antistatic vinyl flooring. Warranty requirements for the vinyl were that the rate of emission of water vapor from Read more

Problem Clinic Temperature Problems with Shotcrete

Our company builds hundreds of wet-mix shotcrete pools a year in the Southwest, using a pea gravel mix that we buy from either of two ready mixed concrete suppliers. Recently we have had a number of failures in which the shotcrete has crumbled away. This Read more

Problem Clinic Cracks at Re-Entrant Corners

In our part of Florida, concrete slab floors are used for residential and commercial buildings, whether the walls are concrete block, wood frame or metal. Read more

R-Values for Insulating Concretes Problem Clinic R-Values for Insulating Concretes

How much good can I get out of perlite or vermiculite concrete as an insulating material under a slab on ground for my house? Can you give me an R-value? Read more

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