July 1985 Table of Contents

Features The Poor Man's Home and the Rich Man's Palace

In 1852 George Barrett, a miller from Vermont, watched his frame house burn nearly to the ground. He vowed never to rebuild with a material that could burn. Read more

Features The Bargain Basement

Every now and then a search for a cost-cutting idea in the home building industry focuses once more on eliminating the basement. Read more

Features Why Don't We Build More Concrete Homes?

The concrete industry already has the technology necessary for success. Concrete has the added advantage of being well suited to programmed high speed construction using some type of modular forming system, a method that has commonly been called industrialized construction. If all this is true, why then don't we build more concrete houses? Read more

Problem Clinic Does 151 pcf Require Heavyweight Aggregate?

There has been a rash of inquiries in our area about where to purchase heavyweight aggregates. Inquiries have also been made about how to make concrete with a unit weight of 147 pounds per cubic foot (pcf) or 151 pcf. We think some federal agency may be t Read more

Problem Clinic Expected Variance in Floor Thickness

What is a common variance in thickness of floors on grade? Or what is an acceptable tolerance in such floor thickness? We had cores taken from a new slab on grade and found that thicknesses varied from 2 3/4 inches to 5 inches for a floor that was suppose Read more

Problem Clinic Slow Strength Buildup Can Be Good

We placed some concrete that was supposed to reach 2000 psi compressive strength at 28 days and 1000 psi at 7 days. It didn't meet either requirement but sometime between 40 and 50 days the strength surpassed 2000 psi. Since that time we have pinpointed t Read more

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