June 1985 Table of Contents

Features Recent Uses of Structural Lightweight Concrete

Concrete is considered structural lightweight concrete if it has a 28-day compressive strength of over 2500 psi and an air-dried unit weight of not over 115 pounds per cubic foot. Read more

Features Pumping Structural Lightweight Concrete

Progress in pumping structural lightweight concrete has reached the point where a lightweight project can be approached with the same confidence that would be justified for any pumping project. Read more

Features Development of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete

Concrete, so commonly accepted in our buildings, bridges, highways and an infinite variety of other structures, is taken for granted as massive and weighty. Read more

Features Prison Streets Built with Prison Labor

The project looks like a typical small paving operation--about ten men placing a concrete slab with a vibrator attached to a simple wood screed. Read more

Features Tips on Tilt-Up Mini Storage Facilities

Tilt-up concrete construction has proven to be a simple, economical system for building durable mini storage facilities. Read more

Features Controlled Pours Reduce Wall Form Pressure, Make Better Concrete

Loads imposed by fresh concrete on wall or column forms are different from the gravity loads on a deck form. Read more

Features Precast Slabs and Columns Make a Demountable, Partition-Free Building

Two standardized building units--precast slabs and columns--are combined in a patented building system to create offices, schools, hospitals, and other non-residential facilities. Read more

Features "Or Equal" Substitutions

When the specifications permit "or equal" substitutions, the contractor is entitled to make a substitution of materials or equipment which is equivalent or equal to the equipment or materials specified in the contract. Read more

Problem Clinic Stopping Seepage Through Chimney

I've been told that your issue of last October had an article on waterproofing, but I don't know if it had anything to do with bricks. I am having difficulty with water seeping through my chimney. I would appreciate any information you could send me about Read more

Problem Clinic Getting Uniform Surface on High Lift

Please give your recommendations for placing and vibrating architectural concrete in a 14-foot-high wall to be cast in a single placement. We are concerned about our ability to vibrate effectively enough to get a surface that is the same from bottom to to Read more

Problem Clinic Nongloss Sealer to Repel Oil?

I have just cast a concrete table using white cement, sand and a superplasticizer. I am looking for a sealer that will protect the smooth concrete surface from oil stains without substantially altering its color or matte finish. So far, all I have found a Read more

Problem Clinic Handle Epoxy-Coated Bars with Care

One of our subcontractors has been installing epoxy coated rebars in the first deck of a parking garage. We've noticed quite a number of nicks in the coating. Read more

Problem Clinic Rebar Cover in Grade Beams

I have run into a new twist on an old routine detail (see drawing, below) in our area near the seacoast. Read more

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