March 1985 Table of Contents

Features Design-Build Team Influences Building Frame Selection

In Indianapolis, construction of the 8-story Embassy Suites North Hotel is creating construction news. Read more

Features Confrontations -- Who Needs Them!

The ready mixed concrete business used to be one in which many contractors only had to wait for the phone to ring. Read more

Features Choosing and Using Form Panel Boards

Form sheathing--the part of the form that is next to the concrete--can be made of many different materials: lumber or plywood; glass fiber reinforced or unreinforced plastics; steel and aluminum; reconstituted wood-base panels; glass fiber reinforced concrete. Read more

Features Prestressed Concrete Poles

First designed and constructed by French engineer Freyssinet in the middle 1930s, prestressed concrete poles are used today worldwide for flag poles, sign poles, telephone poles, telegraph poles, and poles that support street lights, electric power lines, antenna masts, and overhead power lines for electric trains. Read more

Features How to Form Lettering in Concrete

Lettering as an integral part of architectural design is a concept that is well suited to architectural concrete, where the letters can be cast in place--either indented or raised. Read more

Features Pre-Pour Conferences

A pre-pour conference sometimes gets scuttled by busy people who think that such meetings are a waste of valuable time. In truth, pre-pour conferences are necessary, and frequently result in time savings. Read more

Features Codes and Standards Regulate Formwork Construction

Financial pressures on the contractor to get the job done faster all too often result in safety being reduced to a bare minimum, or sometimes below acceptable levels. That is why we have codes and standards which try to assure at least the minimum performance necessary for safety. Read more

Problem Clinic Safe Placement of Precast Barriers

While riding on an urban expressway recently we came to a construction area where ramp traffic and some expressway traffic were being redirected by means of precast concrete safety barriers about 3 feet high. Although using these barriers seems to me to b Read more

Problem Clinic Longitudinal or Transverse Grooving

We built a pavement that was supposed to be textured by transverse tining for skid resistance and good braking. However, we got caught by rain, which washed away the existing texture and prevented further tining. We are now required to groove it transvers Read more

Problem Clinic Stone Sand and Pumpability

We do concrete work in an area where natural sand is scarce, so most of the concrete contains manufactured or stone sand. We have a pumped concrete job coming up and I've heard that it's hard to pump concrete made with stone sand. Is this true, and if so, Read more

Problem Clinic Unwanted Surface Retardation

I built a patio in my backyard last July and did the concrete work myself. I used a 6-bag mix with 5 percent entrained air and the concrete wasn't too soupy--not more than a 5-inch slump. It was a very hot day but my neighbor and I gave the surface a stee Read more

Problem Clinic Protection Against Ammonium Salts

We have to recommend a suitable coating for concrete tanks. Some will hold solid ammonium nitrate and some solid ammonium sulfate. What will happen if the coating breaks? Will these salts affect the concrete? If the salts do affect the concrete would the Read more

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