November 1985 Table of Contents

Features Vibratory Screed Requires Only One Operator

Strap on the backpack harness, turn on the air compressor, grip the handles, and slowly walk backward--this is all that is required to operate this aluminum vibratory screed. One worker who actually wears the screed can position and maneuver it. Read more

Features Cement-Bentonite Slurry Walls Limit Seepage

Today more than ever before, a contractor may be asked to help solve the problem of limiting the flow of water or other liquids from a dam, sanitary landfill, hazardous waste impoundment, industrial storage facility, or pumping plant. Read more

Features Residential Formwork

Formwork is used to contain the freshly placed concrete in the exact shape and place desired. Read more

Features Cleaning Out High-Rise Pumplines

When pumped concrete is used on a high-rise project, an efficient line cleanout method is needed. By using a hydraulic diversion valve connected to a short section of cleanout line, the concrete left in the line after a pour can be routed directly into a waiting truck. Read more

Features Grout-Filled Metal Sleeve Splices Rebars

A rebar splicing device developed originally to connect precast concrete members is now being used for cast-in-place construction as well. A metal splice sleeve is filled with grout that provides a mechanical bond between rebar deformations and grooves on the inside of the sleeve. Read more

Features Concrete Panels Used to Face Metal Bin Walls

Preserving a small stream became a big problem for developers of an exclusive subdivision near Raleigh, North Carolina. Read more

Features Who Does the Design Work on a Design/Build Project?

Even though it has a long and successful track record, use of the design/build method for commercial construction continues to be underutilized and frequently misunderstood. Read more

Features One Contract Replaces Two or More in Design/Build Work

The design/build approach to construction replaces the traditional method of awarding separate contracts for design and for construction. Read more

Problem Clinic Where to Get Copies of ACI 301

The engineer on one of our jobs requires that we have a copy of ACI 301, Specifications for Structural Concrete for Buildings, on the job at all times. I can't locate one anywhere in our town. Where can I get a copy? Read more

Problem Clinic Avoid Salting the First Winter

We put in a sidewalk in August or September in front of a business establishment in Alaska. Two months later it was being salted continually and heavily to prevent even the chance of ice and snow buildup on the surface. This spring the top 1/8 inch has sc Read more

Problem Clinic Stable Floor Forms Without Staking

We are consulting on a freezer floor job. The floor is to be 6 1/2 inches thick, with welded wire fabric, placed on a 6-inch layer of polystyrene over a vapor barrier on a sand base. The floor is large enough to require a column line down the middle, so t Read more

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