October 1985 Table of Contents

Features Concrete Materials

Materials used to make concrete have an effect on how easily the concrete can be transported, placed and finished. Material properties also affect how fast the concrete gains strength, what strength it will ultimately reach and how well it performs in service. Portland cement, aggregates and admixtures are discussed in this article. Read more

Features The Concrete Mix

Workability, placeability, strength, durability, economy--these are among the words that are always heard when concrete mixes are discussed. Whether or not these qualities will actually be present on the job may already be determined when the materials are being batched into the truck mixer. Read more

Features Preparation for Ordering Concrete

The responsibility for delivering the right concrete mix and for its meeting all of the requirements of the specification and the contractor's needs is shared by the contractor, ready mix producer and the owner or specifying engineer who is the owner's representative. Read more

Features Common Field Problems

Certain recurring problems can be readily prevented by an adjustment in the concrete mix or in the construction practices. Read more

Features Collecting Your Money When It's Due

Subcontractors and general contractors who actually perform work must pay for labor every week and keep materials and overhead current. When payments are late you know the consequences immediately. Here are a few remedies to ensure you get every penny you're entitled to. Read more

Features Handling, Placing and Consolidating Concrete

The importance of proper planning prior to beginning this phase of the construction process cannot be overemphasized. Knowing exactly what the job requires, then having the equipment and manpower necessary to do the job, will avoid many problems. Read more

Features A Building System Tailor-Made for Fast-Track Construction

The construction method is so fast that it's being used for nearly all commercial buildings in southern Florida. The method used? Read more

Features Limestone Meets Its Match

Vavrus Builders of Joliet, Illinois chose concrete instead of limestone when they added 6 stories to an existing 12-story limestone-faced building in downtown Chicago. Read more

Problem Clinic Minimizing Bleeding in Post-Tensioning Grout

Is it possible to grout vertical post-tensioning tendons without having bleed water collect at the top? We're concerned that the grout be effective for the full length of the tendons. If there is any significant amount of bleeding, the tops of the tendons Read more

Problem Clinic Corrosion Potentials in Field May Surprise You

Why and how does a copper water line encased in concrete corrode if it is touching a piece of reinforcing steel? I have looked at tables of corrosion potential and they show copper to be more noble than steel. This says to me that the steel should corrode Read more

Problem Clinic Preventing Shale Popouts in Floors

Is there a way to prevent shale popouts in floors? Read more

Problem Clinic Telltale Signs of Swelling Soils

We would like to build a summer residence on some land we have that is about 5 miles from the nearest community. Read more

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