August 1986 Table of Contents

Features Hazards of Double-Deck Single-Post Shoring Systems

The formwork trades refer to the practice of using single-post shores in two tiers as double decking; occasionally triple decking (three tiers) has been used. Over the past 30 years this characteristically unstable system has been the cause of innumerable formwork-shoring collapses. Read more

Features Grout-Filled Bags Save Lives

Located on the Potomac River about a mile upstream from Washington, DC, the Little Falls Dam has been the site of 22 drownings since 1975. Read more

Features Correct Concrete Testing Procedures Are Important

Deviations from standard test methods may cause good concrete to be rejected or poor concrete to be accepted. Read more

Features Certification of Concrete Technicians

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) has developed one of the most successful nationwide certification efforts devoted exclusively to the concrete industry. The examinations required for certification as a Concrete Field Testing Technician--Grade I cover physical testing of fresh concrete in accordance with standard methods of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Read more

Features The Importance of Selecting a Qualified Testing Laboratory

Laboratory testing is the common element which all participants in the construction process utilize to provide assurance that their part of the process is correct. Read more

Features Sculptor Moves from Concrete to Gypsum Cement

Ten jagged and textured cast towers and other free-standing totems shown recently at an Oberlin, Ohio gallery were titled collectively "The Gathering" by sculptor Elizabeth Burger. Read more

Features Concrete Curb and Gutter Construction

There's a good market for concrete curb and gutter work in many areas of the country. Read more

Features Methods of Removing Some Specific Stains from Concrete: Fire and Soot to Moss

Before trying to remove stains, study the general principles and methods that make success possible, particularly the use of bandages and poultices. Read more

Problem Clinic Internal Vibration of Flatwork

We hear recommendations both for and against using internal vibrators in constructing floors and other flatwork. What's best? Read more

Problem Clinic Using Waterstops

This detail shows a construction joint we are using on several underground structures. Read more

Problem Clinic Letters for Imprinting Concrete

I want to make some concrete signs with recessed lettering and I need the name and address of a company that manufactures reversed letters for the purpose. Read more

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