January 1986 Table of Contents

Features Use of Reinforcement in Homebuilding

Two types of reinforcement for concrete construction are readily available. One is deformed reinforcing bars, commonly known as rebars. The other is welded wire fabric, also known as wire mesh. Read more

Features Concrete Fountain Takes Its Place Among the Roses

The new centerpiece of the Chicago Botanical Garden rose garden north of Chicago is a precast concrete fountain, 28 feet in diameter, shaped like a 5-petal Rose of Sharon. Read more

Features New Design of Precast Bridge Deck Provides Smooth Joints Without Overlay

Two new concepts in design of precast bridge deck slabs provide a smooth riding surface at transverse joints without application of concrete overlay. Read more

Features Reinforcing with Stainless Steel

Corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete can be a major problem. Epoxy-coated or galvanized reinforcing bars have both been used to combat this problem, which can also be solved by using stainless steel. Read more

Features Why Low Cylinder Tests in Hot Weather?

A published report of research by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) is titled "The Effect of Temperature and Delivery Time on Concrete Proportions." It contains information with immediate practical application for any contractor, ready mix producer, or specifier who may ever face problems of low cylinder strength tests during hot weather construction. Read more

Features Wall Forms: Selecting the Best Ganged System

Total forming costs may easily be 48 percent of the cost of a concrete wall. This makes it very worthwhile to evaluate a number of form systems to determine which will be most efficient and economical. This article will provide some help in choosing wall forms, but it covers only gang form systems. However, the methods of analysis may be adapted to other forming conditions. Read more

Problem Clinic Detecting the Presence of Fly Ash in Fresh Concrete

Our specifications for some projects prohibit the use of fly ash. We have reason to believe, however, that fly ash has sometimes been used in violation of the specs. Is there any fly ash test that can be made quickly enough on fresh concrete to permit rej Read more

Problem Clinic Aluminum Straightedges

Can I use aluminum channel successfully to make 10-foot straightedges for finishing concrete flatwork, or must I stick with magnesium? I know about the trouble with low strengths from entrained hydrogen gas when aluminum pipe was used to pump concrete, an Read more

Problem Clinic Wind Chill and the Freezing of Concrete

In addition to the regular air temperatures reported in winter weather forecasts we keep hearing about the wind chill as well. How does that apply to concrete? When the air temperature is above 32 degrees but the wind chill is well below 32 degrees, does Read more

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