June 1986 Table of Contents

Features Removing Stains from Concrete

It's rare for a concrete structure not to be stained by something: iron rust, oil, chewing gum, or just plain dirt, to name some common offenders. The good news is that these materials can be removed. Read more

Features Connection Boxes and Strips Eliminate Projecting Rebar at Construction Joints

THE PROBLEM: Reinforcing steel frequently must pass through a construction joint to lap with bars in the next placement and establish continuity--for example at wall and slab intersections or at vertical joints in walls. Read more

Features Trenching Safety for Concrete Contractors

Every year in the United States, more than 100 people are killed in trench cave-ins. Most of these accidents happen on smaller jobs in excavations less than 20 feet deep. Even if the excavation is only 5 feet deep, a cave-in can kill or maim workers setting forms, placing concrete, stripping forms, placing drain tiles or waterproofing walls. Read more

Features Treatment of Joints and Embedded Items

This article is primarily concerned with the joints that are needed to allow the concrete structure to function properly. It also gives some instruction about installing various embedded items that may be required: sleeves, anchors and other inserts, waterstops, heating ducts, radiant heating systems and snow melting systems. Read more

Features Floor System Combines Precast and Cast in Place

Said to be economical for spans between 24 and 34 feet, a patented composite floor system consists of hollow-core precast planks supported at the ends by composite beams. The planks are set on precast beam forms that are supported by scaffolding. Beams are then cast by filling the pocket between the ends of the planks with concrete. Read more

Features Walls Pumped from the Bottom Up

Pumping concrete from the bottom up made good sense to engineers and superintendents assigned to the Providence Hospital construction project in Mobile, Alabama. Read more

Features Color Concerto: Concrete Frames Faceted Glass

Color Concerto was designed for Purdue University Calumet in Hammond, Indiana with color as the primary purpose of the sculpture. Read more

Problem Clinic Safety With Bull Floats

Recently we put in a floor very close to some power lines. When we realized that the handles of bull floats could easily come into contact with the power lines, we quickly slit some large rubber hose to slip over the handles and bound it in place with ele Read more

Problem Clinic What to Do With a Rained-On Surface

We were pouring a slab for an outside loading area and had a sudden heavy rain on the last day of a two-day pour. Read more

Problem Clinic Preventing Curling of Slabs

Is there anything one can do, short of putting a slip joint between a slab and the masonry bearing wall that it rests on, to prevent breaking the bond to the mortar joint between them? Read more

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