March 1986 Table of Contents

Paving with Roller Compacted Concrete Features Paving with Roller Compacted Concrete

Roller compacted concrete (RCC) as used for pavements is a dry portland cement concrete material which is consolidated by external vibration using heavy vibratory rollers or similar equipment. Read more

Features Two-Day Construction Cycle for High-Rise Structures Based on Use of Preshores

Forming and stripping practices, particularly for flat slab and flat plate construction, have developed to a high degree of efficiency during the past 25 years. Read more

Features Yield of Concrete

Producing concrete with the correct yield and being able to verify that yield is extremely important to every ready mix producer and to every contractor. Read more

Features The Myth of Public Opposition to Tolls

The popular assumption is that the driving public has an antipathy to tolls. Read more

Features Crane-Mounted Conveyor Places 100 Cubic Yards per Hour

Placing concrete for an addition to a water treatment plant in North Dakota was complicated by limited access to the construction site. Read more

Features Hydraulic Rams Used in Dismantling Bridge Formwork

Stripping formwork from under a slab can be risky business, especially when the forms are large, heavy pieces. Read more

Features What Happens to Leftover Ready Mix?

What happens to leftover concrete after the plant parking lot and driveways are all paved over? After the nearby landfills are filled? Nearly 130 producers replied to a Concrete Construction questionnaire on this subject. Read more

Problem Clinic Cleaning Sealant Off White Concrete

We constructed some white flatwork with 3/4-inch redwood separators between panels. The top 3/4 inch above the redwood was caulked. This white concrete adjoins an area of pattern-stamped dark gray concrete, so we were asked to use a black caulking materia Read more

Problem Clinic Determining Moisture in Aggregate for Mix Proportioning

Is there an accurate, quick and inexpensive way to determine the percent of water in aggregate? Read more

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