May 1986 Table of Contents

Features Progress in Paving Equipment and Construction Methods

Today is an exciting time for the concrete pavement industry. There are more opportunities and more changes taking place in the construction of concrete than at any time in recent history. Read more

Features Fabricated Wood Members Support Formwork

Will manufactured, engineered wood beams and girders revolutionize formwork construction as manufactured plywood panels did in the past? Read more

Features Pavement Cost Comparisons

To some specifiers and owners who want to get the best pavement buy for a highway, street or parking lot, the method for choosing between concrete and asphalt seems simple. Read more

Features Don't Apply Floor Coverings Too Soon

Moisture in concrete slabs is essential for curing. But it can be detrimental to the adhesion of floor-covering materials such as resilient tile or sheet flooring, paints, coatings and sealers. Read more

Features Design for Tolerances

The reason tolerances are more important today is that construction has become more sophisticated. Read more

Features Play Is Still Brisk on 22-Year-Old Concrete Tennis Courts

Of all types of outdoor concrete flatwork, tennis courts may be the most demanding surfaces. Read more

Features Computer Cuts Column Costs

Two hundred fifty thousand dollars were saved when a computer program was used to compute costs of over 1700 columns in a high-rise building already under construction in Chicago. Read more

Features St. Peter's Basilica: Climax Building of the Renaissance

St. Peter's, the majestic basilica in the Vatican, is the largest church in the world. Read more

Problem Clinic Concern Over Cover After Sandblasting

We are concerned with the maintenance of a cast-in-place school building built in our town in 1937--one of four local schools built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). In its lifetime it has had several coats of paint. Finally it has become necess Read more

Problem Clinic Whiteness Not Required of Clear Curing Agent

A customer reports that he got a nice white color when he applied our curing agent to a broomed-finish pavement the day after finishing. However, he complains that the same curing agent leaves the concrete looking dark when he applies it immediately after Read more

Problem Clinic Remove and Replace or Top With Unbonded Overlay?

Our firm was hired to repair leaks in the concrete roof of a college building in North Carolina. The roof doesn't have many cracks, but most of the joints are leaking where PVC (polyvinyl chloride) waterstops placed in the joints have separated from the c Read more

Problem Clinic Don't Repair Outdoor Plastic Shrinkage Cracks

We recently installed a concrete walk that was damp cured. We have noticed thin but deep cracks in a few spots. The contractor called them "heat cracks." Though they are not wider than one's fingernail I am concerned that they will worsen as the freeze-thaw season approaches. Read more

Problem Clinic No Error in These Published Times for Removing Support

I think there is a typographical error in "Recommended Practice for Concrete Formwork, ACI 347-78 (Reaffirmed 1984)." Read more

Problem Clinic Prepare for the Unpredictable

Has anyone ever written up a list of things that a contractor can readily do to prepare for some of the problems that often come up unexpectedly? Read more

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