November 1986 Table of Contents

Features Equipment for Cleaning or Preparing Concrete Surfaces for Repair

When concrete flatwork has to be resurfaced, the first steps in the process are often the most critical. Read more

Features MARTA's Concrete Box Girders Make Transit History

Putting together 921 pieces to make a pair of bridges isn't easy, particularly when the parts weigh as much as 32 tons each. Read more

Features Self-Stripping Void-Forming Machine Forms a Variety of Concrete Structures

Some users call it the shrink form--a reasonable enough name for a hydraulically-powered machine with a core that shrinks. Read more

Features Diamond Grinding of Concrete

The diamond is the hardest substance known to man. Diamond saw blades can grind out-of-spec concrete flatwork to tolerance without causing any damage or lessening the structural integrity of the surface. They can also groove slabs to produce a skid-resistance texture, and have many repair applications. Read more

Features Chemicals for Removing Stains

How do you find the chemicals needed for removing stains from concrete? Read more

Features Concrete Placed Under Water

A major concern in underwater concreting is that the water in which concrete is placed will wash away cement and sand or mix with the concrete and increase the water-cement ratio. Read more

Features Concrete Chapel Built on a Fast Track Schedule

After the death of Mrs. Anna Marie Johnson of Billings, Montana late in 1984, her family decided to build a chapel in her memory. Read more

Problem Clinic Expanded Metal Bulkheads

Our company is building an 8-foot-thick mat foundation for a sewage treatment plant. We want to use expanded metal as a forming material at the vertical construction joints. Since the mat is heavily reinforced, there are many penetrating reinforcing bars. Read more

Problem Clinic Brooming

Why don't we get grooves and ridges of reasonably uniform width and depth when we broom a slab for slip resistance? Read more

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