October 1986 Table of Contents

Features Concrete Roof and Walls Enclose a Superinsulated Home

All too often the concrete in a concrete house gives way at the roof line to conventional stick construction. Not so with a system recently developed in Florida using expanded polystyrene foam forms, shotcrete walls, and pumped concrete on the roof. Read more

Features Hollow-Core Concrete Floors over Basements

Concrete floors have been used on a large scale in single-family houses. Toronto developer J.D.S. Investments Limited started using a precast hollow-core slab floor system in apartment construction because it was fast and simple to erect, even in freezing weather. Read more

Features Mountainside Concrete Home

One of the 1985 Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Design Awards was presented to the Lawson residence in Alta, Utah. Read more

Features Boy Researcher's Work Helps Save Money in Contract Dispute

The September 1984 issue of Concrete Construction contained the results of a research study of the previous year by Ernie Karl Schrader III, who was 10 years old at the time the work was done. Read more

Features Dutch Storm Surge Barrier Nears Completion

After ten years at a cost of two billion US dollars, the Delta Project--a storm surge barrier in the Eastern Scheldt of the Netherlands--is nearing completion. Read more

Features Precast Basement Walls Carry Their Own Footings

A single truck can deliver a precast basement wall system which requires no poured footings. Read more

Features Concrete Tile Roof Has 50-Year Warranty

One concrete roof tile manufacturer is so confident of the durability of the product that he gives a 50-year warranty with every installed roof. Read more

Features Metropolitan Tower: High Living in Concrete

On West 57th Street just a few feet east of Carnegie Hall rises the sumptuous new Metropolitan Tower, New York City's tallest residential building and tallest reinforced concrete building. Read more

Features Casting Box Culverts: How to Save Time and Money

The City of Boulder chose cast-in-place concrete for the box culverts carrying Colorado's Goose Creek under the Foothills Parkway. These 7-barrel and 5-barrel culverts, each more than 300 feet long, were built with 5x8-foot barrels. Read more

Problem Clinic Floor Flatness Specification Needed

We've been searching for published standards for the tolerances allowed in finishing residential flatwork. Are there any you know of? Specifically, are there any standards for basement floor slabs that are intended for possible future living space? We hav Read more

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