September 1986 Table of Contents

Features A Primer of Finishing Tools

Each tool for finishing concrete has a specific purpose, and choosing the right tool is important. But knowing how to use the tool correctly is what really counts. Read more

Features Power Floating and Troweling

For 50 years power floats and trowels have been used for finishing large areas of concrete flatwork. In order to achieve the highest production rates and greatest profits, the machine must be used efficiently. Efficiency comes only with knowing the machine and its proper uses. Read more

Features Stamped Concrete

A growing number of architects and owners are opting for concrete flatwork that resembles slate, brick, tile, stone or even wood. Stamped concrete creates an illusion of expensive slate or tile at a fraction of the cost. Read more

Features Every Flatwork Contractor Should Own an Air Meter

Adding an air-entraining agent to concrete dramatically improves resistance to surface scaling caused by freezing and thawing and deicing agents. Read more

Features Measuring Flatness of Special Floors

Two examples of floors that must be made superflat are those in narrow-aisle high-rise storage facilities and those in television studios. Read more

Features Unity Temple: the Cube That Made Concrete History

A relatively small building, Unity Temple, in Oak Park, Illinois, has assumed an importance in concrete history far beyond its size and appearance. Read more

Features Methods of Removing Some Specific Stains from Concrete: Oil to Wood

Before trying to remove stains, study the general principles and methods that make success possible, particularly the use of bandages and poultices. Read more

Problem Clinic Trowel Chatter

Why do we sometimes see a series of ridges along the radius lines in the sweeps of the trowel on a floor surface? It doesn't happen often, and I haven't been able to figure out what's different when it does. Read more

Problem Clinic Tool for Jointing

How do I cut contraction joints across a wide slab of fresh concrete without using a bridge? Read more

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