April 1987 Table of Contents

Features Lasers Guide Slipforming of Atlanta's IBM Tower

In October 1986, Sundt Corp. topped off the tallest slipformed building core in the United States, the 725 «-foot-high core for Atlanta's IBM Tower. In slipforming this concrete core, the crews used lasers to keep the form level and the core plumb. Read more

Features A Screeding Machine That's More Than a Strike-Off

Nine men using a screeding machine recently screeded 14,000 square feet of floor for a Massachusetts warehouse in 5 hours. Read more

Features Redesign Improves Constructability, Attention To Details Enhances Appearance

Hughes Aircraft Sunny Hills Expansion in Fullerton, California consisted of two connecting office buildings, each designed as an interior steel frame with exterior concrete tilt-up panels. Read more

Features Hand-Held Saw Makes 10-Inch Cut

Equipped with a 14-inch-diameter blade, the hand-held hydraulic saw featured in this article can make a 10-inch-deep cut. Read more

Features How to Prevent Frost Heave

Frost can damage pavements and building structures in two ways: heaving of the frozen ground, caused by ice lenses forming in the soil, and collapse of the ground, caused by the thaw of these same ice lenses. Read more

Features Computerized Concrete Mix Management

Two recently developed software programs help contractors to evaluate mix submittals and to answer two questions: Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete Piles in Acid Soil

A structure has been designed to be built on 12-inch-diameter piles on a 20-foot grid on a low-lying island about 20 miles upstream from the mouth of a river. Tests have shown the soil to be quite acidic within the range of about 3.8 to 4.6. We're concern Read more

Problem Clinic Curling of Slab Over Vapor Barrier

On a recent project, the corners of a 5-inch concrete slab on grade curled upward 3/8 inch. Tapping with a hammer on the corners produced a hollow sound. The slab, which contained welded wire fabric 2 inches below the top surface, had been placed on a 4-i Read more

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