December 1987 Table of Contents

Features Overlaying Decks with LMC

Latex modified concrete (LMC) is often used to overlay a bridge deck or parking deck. LMC requires special techniques and special care. For a good job, five steps must be followed. All five steps are crucial. They must be done quickly, in sequence, without lags. Read more

Features Repairing Slab Foundations Damaged by Expansive Soils

One study showed that 60 percent of all residential foundations built on expansive soils experience some distress, and 10 percent experience problems sufficient to require repairs. Read more

Features Using Preformed Foam as a Concrete Admixture

A preformed foam, commonly used to make lightweight cellular concrete, also can improve the properties of conventional concrete. Read more

Features Pumice and Scoria Concrete Panels for Oregon Home

Pumice, scoria, and conventional concrete mixes were all used in construction of the award-winning Rockwood residence in Portland, Oregon. Read more

Features A Proposed Solution to Cracking Caused by Dowels

Dowels serve an important purpose in many floor slabs and pavements. They prevent faulting and subsequent cracking at joints by transferring wheel loads from one slab to the next. Unfortunately, dowels sometimes prevent joints from opening. This defeats the purpose of jointing and can cause slabs to crack between joints. Read more

Features Trading Fire-Resistant Construction for Sprinklers May Sacrifice Lives

Many officials, architects, and building owners think the main function of a sprinkler system is to protect lives. Read more

Features Concrete Geodesic Dome Made History

Pacific's Cinerama Theatre was built in 1963 in Hollywood, California. Read more

Problem Clinic A Field Test for Steel Fiber Content

We will be using steel-fiber-reinforced concrete (SFRC) in a pavement we'll be building. Read more

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