February 1987 Table of Contents

Features Cathodic Protection for Overhead Construction

The bottom steel in the waffle slab of a 23-year-old underground parking structure in Columbus, Ohio was severely corroded in some areas. Read more

Features St. Anastasia Church, Waukegan, Illinois

Falling brick from exterior columns and arches forced St. Anastasia Church in Waukegan, Illinois to erect wood awnings over doorways, snow fencing around the entire building and a most unusual precaution to church visitors: "Danger, Keep Out" signs. Read more

Features Ways to Reduce Joint-Related Failures in Concrete Flatwork

You may not be aware of it, but the joints in your concrete jobs may be shortening the life of your paving projects dramatically. Read more

Features Coatings Produce Erasable Concrete Surfaces to Foil Graffiti Artists

Nationwide, graffiti is a multi-billion dollar problem. And there are hidden costs as well. Read more

Features What Forensic Engineers Can Do for You

When construction fails, the contractor invariably is brought to court. He needs proof that his work met specifications and may need the testimony of a forensic engineer. A forensic engineer conducts an investigation that can determine why a structure did not perform as expected. Read more

Features A New Look for an Old Master

In Bonn, Germany, famous for its many beautiful buildings and traditional statues, there is a startling new Beethoven memorial. Read more

Features Inspection and Acceptance of Epoxy-Coated Reinforcing Bars

Use of epoxy-coated reinforcing bars has become widespread in recent years. A properly applied epoxy coating will provide corrosion protection for rebars in bridge decks, pavements, parking garages and other structures exposed to chlorides. Read more

Problem Clinic Identifying a Problem Through Petrographic Examination

We have what looks like a problem of durability with a concrete parking lot we put in last fall. Read more

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