January 1987 Table of Contents

Features Fast-Track Concrete Paving Opens Door to Industry Future

If you were asked to name the greatest paving advantage of asphalt over concrete, how would you answer? Most likely your answer would be that asphalt is chosen over concrete because the road or highway can be opened to traffic in a matter of hours, versus days for concrete pavements. Read more

Features Culverts and Small Bridges Shotcreted Over Inflated Forms

Inexpensive reusable inflated forms are the basis of a patented system for building small bridges and culverts easily and rapidly. The three-step method involves: Read more

Features Demolition of Concrete Structures

Most contractors, even though not demolition specialists, will have to demolish portions of structures as part of their repair and remodeling business. Knowing which method or combination of methods to use for demolition of reinforced or prestressed concrete structures is essential for a safe and profitable job. Read more

Features The Concrete Garden

This article is about Harland J. Hand's experiences with concrete while building and maintaining his own half-acre garden in El Cerrito, California. Read more

Features Epoxy Injection Welds Cracks Back Together

Epoxy injection is one of the most common ways of repairing narrow cracks. It has been used to repair cracks in buildings, bridges, and dams. Read more

Features Residential and Industrial Floors Benefit from Post-Tensioning

The search for economical foundations for residential and light commercial construction following World War II led to the use of ground supported reinforced concrete slabs called floating slabs. Read more

Features The Mile High Dream

Engineers have been dreaming about putting up a mile high building--the ultimate skyscraper--ever since Frank Lloyd Wright proposed one for Chicago in the 1950s. Read more

Features Forming Curved Surfaces with Bent Plywood

Simple curves in formwork sheathing can be made with dry plywood down to a radius as small as 24 inches. Read more

Features Value Engineering Change Proposals in Construction

A value engineering incentive clause (VEIC) provides a method for the contractor to propose changes in contract plans and specifications that will lower total costs without degrading performance, maintainability or reliability. Read more

Features Concrete Durability in a Free Market System

During the past 35 years the strength of portland cement in the United Kingdom has increased by 75 percent. Read more

Features Airport Extends Runway with 21-Inch-Thick Concrete

It is logical that the bigger, heavier airplanes of today require longer, sturdier runways for landing. Read more

Features Making Concrete on the Moon

The idea of scientific and industrial projects on the moon is becoming less and less science fiction. Read more

Features Whodunit?

I spend a good deal of my time in a special kind of detective work--troubleshooting concrete problems. Read more

Problem Clinic Reliability of Air Tests of Low-Slump Dense Concrete

Before making the final payment on a bridge deck topping we want to be sure it has an adequate air content. Some of the quality assurance measurements of air content made on the job were unreliable, so we took some cores and had some linear traverse measu Read more

Problem Clinic Scaling of Exposed Aggregate Sidewalks

Some exposed pea gravel aggregate sidewalks were placed in the fall near the shore in the state of Washington, using a 6-bag mix with hot water and an accelerator. The finish was beautiful, and there was no damage from some snow and below-freezing tempera Read more

Problem Clinic Sealing Cracks in Post-Tensioned Deck

Recently we completed construction of a hotel parking garage. The lobby level of the garage has a 4-inch topping on a 10-inch post-tensioned slab with post-tensioned beams spaced at 27 feet. The structural slab was not waterproofed before putting on the t Read more

Problem Clinic Choosing a Crack Repair Method

We've recently undertaken a few crack repair jobs and have become acquainted with a variety of methods including epoxy injection, routing out and resealing, and using overlays. Now we're thinking of going more into the business but would like to be sure w Read more

Problem Clinic Using Highway Straightedges

We never heard of highway straightedges for floor construction until recently. Now the term seems to keep popping up. Are these tools meant to replace screeding tools, bull floats or what? What is the advantage, if any? Read more

Problem Clinic Compressive Strength Guide for Freeze Resistance

How do I resolve the following contradictory published recommendations on protecting fresh concrete against early freezing? Read more

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