July 1987 Table of Contents

Features The Many Types of Concrete Retaining Walls

Traditional cast-in-place concrete retaining walls are fast becoming untraditional. Read more

Features Pavement Designs and Costs

Far too often contractors become part of paving projects after the contract award. By then it's too late for an important contribution they might have made to the job. It's best to have a working relationship between the contractor and the designer long before the project is ready for bidding. Read more

Features Better Ride, Better Buy

A smooth riding concrete pavement increases driver comfort but there are other benefits as well. Read more

Features Forming Techniques Speed Construction of Missile Assembly Buildings

Ten earth-covered missile assembly buildings built at K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base in Michigan's upper peninsula presented the contractor with scheduling and forming challenges. Read more

Features Sculpted Concrete Hands Speak of Friendship

Sculptor Sam Gendusa created an 8-foot-high concrete sculpture, titled Interlocking Forms, with the help of teachers and students at the Oregon State School for the Deaf. Read more

Features Paving in the Fast Lane

In less than 35 hours, Central Paving Corporation, an Iowa contractor, paved a mile long strip of a country road and reopened it to traffic. Read more

Features Tips on Cutting Concrete

Can you save money by using a coolant with dry-cutting diamond saw blades? Read more

Features Arbitration Clauses Can Help Contractors Avoid Court Battles

Arbitration clauses in construction contracts can be a powerful tool in winning a case without going to court. Read more

Features Shear Keys for Basement Walls: Pros and Cons

Engineers and architects frequently show a shear key at the joint between a footing and a basement wall. Read more

Features What Software Do I Need for My Construction Business?

Construction software programs exist for all the different parts of your business, such as accounting, payroll, job costing, estimating, and union reports. Read more

Problem Clinic Bar Ties Don't Affect Structural Strength

As the strength of a reinforced concrete slab or beam affected by the spacing of rebar ties? Read more

Problem Clinic How to Fill Core Holes

After cores have been taken in a concrete member, what do you use to fill the hole? Read more

Problem Clinic Air Loss in Fly Ash Concrete

We've had trouble with low entrained air contents in concrete containing fly ash. What causes this problem and what can we do about it? Read more

Problem Clinic Can Mesh Be Too High?

I frequently hear warnings about leaving wire mesh too low in a concrete slab on ground. I'm told the mesh won't keep cracks closed tightly if it isn't high enough. Is there any problem if it's too high, say 1/2 inch to 1 inch from the surface? Read more

Problem Clinic Cost to Fog Spray Concrete Flatwork

We're bidding a parking deck job that will be built with silica-fume concrete. Read more

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