June 1987 Table of Contents

Features River City -- an Urban Masterpiece That Only Concrete Could Shape

Why does Chicago's River City, an unusual cast-in-place concrete building, look the way it does? Read more

Features Making Concrete Earthquake Resistant

Large amounts of transverse reinforcement are needed for reinforced concrete beams and columns in earthquake regions. Read more

Features Using High-Strength Concrete Simplifies Precast Column Design

Switching to high-strength concrete allowed a precaster to simplify column designs and save money on a 22-story condominium project. Read more

Features Bertrand Goldberg -- a Master of Concrete Architecture

He has been called Chicago's great poet of urban architecture. Read more

Features Australia Finds Many Uses for Steel-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

Cost, ease of placement, and abrasion and impact resistance of steel-fiber-reinforced concrete (SFRC) are making it popular in Australia for slabs, toppings, precast panels, precast tanks, and swimming pools. Read more

Features Western Canada Discovers the Benefits of Silica-Fume Shotcrete

Tens of thousands of tons of silica-fume shotcrete have been used in Western Canada in the past few years. Read more

Features The Sculptural Medium

Two British sculptors have come into the forefront in recent years for their extensive and creative use of the three-dimensional plastic qualities of concrete. The work of Carole Vincent and Doreen Collins also displays attractive surface finishes. Read more

Features Optimizing Concrete Design Costs

Productivity, as a way to increase profitability, commands the daily attention of design consultants. Read more

Problem Clinic Test for Slump at the Truck or at the End of the Pumpline?

If concrete is to be pumped and the specification calls for a 4-inch maximum slump, should the slump test be taken at the point of discharge from the truck or at the point of discharge from the pumpline? Read more

Problem Clinic Lift Truck Diaper May Cause New Problems

Within a short time after we completed a 40,000-square-foot warehouse floor we were called in and asked how to remove oil stains that had already been spread all over the floor by lift trucks. We are studying the methods described in the article in the Se Read more

Problem Clinic Minimizing Bugholes

We have a continuing problem with bugholes (surface air voids) in concrete walls. Read more

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