August 1988 Table of Contents

Features Making Good Concrete Even Better

Poorly cured concrete starts its life with a defect that could be fatal. Water-filled voids, instead of filling with hydrated cement, remain empty after the mix water evaporates. Avoiding this handicap requires the engineer to specify adequate curing and the contractor to use curing methods that work. Read more

Features Better Industrial Floors Through Better Joints

A floor joint is an interruption in an otherwise smooth surface. In an industrial floor, the joint needs to be protected from hard wheels. By filling rather than sealing it, you protect the edges of the joint from damage. Read more

Features Detecting Invisible Corrosion in Concrete

A thorough investigation must be performed to determine the extent and magnitude of concrete distress. The typical investigation begins with a condition survey based on visual examination and soundings to identify delamination and deterioration. Read more

Features Mini Storage Warehouse Uses Mega Tilt-Up Panels

Most tilt-up contractors face the problem of casting wall panels with a total area that exceeds the footprint (ground floor area) of the building. For a four-story warehouse near Seattle, the available footprint was less than half the total square footage of the walls. Still, the architect chose tilt-up. Read more

Features Recurring Residential Concrete Problems

Concrete call-backs are more frequent in the residential market. What is surprising is that the same mistakes recur season after season, job after job. Careful planning and good workmanship can eliminate these mistakes and cut the number of call-backs. Read more

Features Reinforcing Concrete with Polymer Grids

To control cracking best, reinforcement should be placed as close as possible to the concrete surface. Read more

Features Documentation Is the Key in Wrongful Discharge Lawsuits

Firing an employee for any reason or no reason at all can land your company in court. In today's lawsuits for wrongful discharge, documentation of employee performance is often the key in determining who wins a suit. The documentation must support the discharge without contradicting performance reviews or being discriminatory. Read more

Features Olympic Oval -- an Award-Winning Use of Precast Concrete

Located at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, the Olympic Oval is an award-winning building. Its unique roof system of diagonally intersecting precast concrete arches won a 1987 Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) Design Award and a 1987 Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) Award of Excellence. Read more

Features Whitetopping Demonstration Puts Asphalt Under Cover

To show that a concrete overlay is an effective repair for distressed asphalt pavements, the Kentucky Ready Mixed Concrete Association (KRMCA) whitetopped a deteriorated asphalt entrance drive to a shopping center. Read more

Features Joint Filling: Investing in Your Floor's Future

About 400,000 lineal feet of control joints crisscross the concrete floors in Toyota's new 4,000,000-square-foot auto assembly plant in Georgetown, Kentucky. The Toyota plant joints were filled with about 6,000 gallons of semi-rigid epoxy joint filler. Read more

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