February 1988 Table of Contents

Features Repairing Concrete Parking Structures

Repairing a deteriorated parking structure involves many unknowns, uncertainties, and risks. To correct problems and restore the structure, owners must develop a program for evaluating conditions, making repairs, and setting up maintenance procedures that extend the life of the facility. Read more

Features Basics of Subgrade Preparation for Industrial Floors

Place a concrete floor on an unstable subgrade and you'll probably experience problems. So, it makes sense to place the slab on strong and stable soil right from the start. Read more

Features Ball-Valve Concrete Pumps

More ball-valve pumps are in use than any other kind of concrete pump. Read more

Features Tips on Roofing Concrete Roof Decks

A properly built concrete roof deck is the best defense against most natural calamities: fire, rain, hail, snow, heat, and cold. Read more

Features Estimating, Scheduling, and Cost Control

Building a project on time and within budget requires accurate estimating, efficient scheduling, and timely cost control. Read more

Features Using Breakeven Analysis to Manage Costs and Make Pricing Decisions

There is a financial tool that helps business owners manage costs, make better pricing decisions, and improve profits. It's called breakeven analysis. The breakeven point is the sales volume at which a business neither makes a profit nor incurs a loss. Read more

Features Marketing Your Subcontracting Services

To a concrete subcontractor, making more money means getting more jobs. To get these jobs before the competition does, you must promote your company to general contractors and owners before the job is bid. Read more

Features Mediation Keeps You Out of Court

To solve construction contract disputes, mediation is not only fast and inexpensive, it keeps business relationships and reputations intact. Read more

Features What to Do When the Sky Starts Falling

In addition to jobsite injuries and fatalities, a potpourri of crises can hit a construction company. And here's the real tragedy: In a business as volatile as construction there is virtually no planning for disaster. Read more

Features Concrete Girders Rolled into Place

A Texas general contractor had to place 92 precast concrete girders on top of a large wastewater treatment plant. Read more

Features Concrete Tower Serves as a Landmark in West Suburban Chicago for Almost 80 Years

The Hofmann tower in suburban Lyons, Ill., was built in 1908 by George Hofmann, Jr. The tower was sold in 1983 to the Illinois Department of Conservation, which is taking steps to preserve and reconstruct parts of it. Read more

Features Sinking Caisson Serves as Excavation and Permanent Support Structure

A casting plant in Dearborn, Michigan, needed to build a 122x46-foot holding pit for its mill scale. Read more

Features Renovation of Historic Building Uses Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete and Wins a 1987 Design Award

Built in 1911, the Spalding Building in Portland, Oregon, needed a face-lift. Read more

Features Pavement Dowel Placement Made Easy

Ohio-based contractor Shelly and Sands, Inc., devised a highly efficient system for installing dowel bars used in concrete pavement patching. Read more

Features Test Your Knowledge of Subcontract Terms

Subcontractors are not expected to be their own attorneys, but they should have a working knowledge of fair subcontract terms. This quiz tests your knowledge of subcontract terms. Read more

Features How Do You Prevent Corrosion?

Several ways of preventing--or stopping--rebar corrosion are explored in this article. Read more

Features Albert Kahn: Pioneer in Concrete Industrial Architecture

Albert Kahn was born in Germany in 1869. Kahn began his career as an office boy in the architectural firm of Mason and Rice, but was soon promoted. In 1902, Kahn helped to design the Palms Apartment Building in Detroit. Read more

Problem Clinic Do Expanded Metal Bulkheads Cause Corrosion Problems?

Your Problem Clinic item on expanded metal bulkheads (November 1986) is interesting but I'd still like to have more information. Are there jobs that have been in place for 15 or more years so the long-term performance can be evaluated? Can zinc in the gal Read more

Problem Clinic Exposed Aggregate for Tilt-Up

Your recent tilt-up articles (September 1987, page 831) mentioned several ways to produce exposed aggregate surfaces, without commenting on the importance of mix design. We can't afford the fancy seeded aggregates, but what about the aggregate in our regu Read more

Problem Clinic Is Epoxy Coating Needed for Rebar in Latex Modified Concrete?

The engineer for our parking garage repair job required us to paint an epoxy coating on some of the exposed bars before placing a latex modified concrete overlay. Is this really necessary? Read more

Problem Clinic What Is a Megapascal?

I read about a process that produces shotcrete compressive strengths of 40 megapascals. What is a megapascal? Read more

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