January 1988 Table of Contents

Features How to Form Curved Walls

Curved walls can be formed in four general ways, using fixed-radius manufactured walers, fixed-radius job-built walers, adjustable walers, or modular form panels. Read more

Features Roller Compacted Concrete Pavements

Look for roller compacted concrete (RCC) to begin competing regularly with asphalt for road construction projects. Roller compacted concrete for pavements is made by mixing crushed aggregate with cement and water in a pugmill. Read more

Features Down the Hole

To restore two sumps used to treat boiler water in a powerhouse, many construction methods had to be adapted to this hard-to-access project. Read more

Features Matching Estimated and Actual Project Costs

Estimating and cost control. They are the two most important tasks a contractor performs to improve profits and reduce risk. The estimate sets the profit target and cost control enables a firm to realize the profit. Read more

Features Success Goes Beyond Sales and Profits

A review of bankrupt companies revealed that more than half the business failures occurred with firms that were producing operating profits. Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete Furniture

Problem Clinic Read more

Features Taking the Pulse of a Structure

Just as a doctor may take your pulse to test your response to stress, an engineer can take the pulse of a structure to see how it's doing. Read more

Features What Makes a Bridge Beautiful? What Does It Cost?

Although architectural features may enhance a bridge's strong points and deemphasize its weak ones, you cannot achieve a beautiful bridge simply by architectural add-ons. Read more

Features Portland Cement -- the Answer to Acid Rain?

If the air contains more acids than bases (alkalies), then rain will probably have an acidic constitution. Read more

Features Were the Romans First to Place Concrete Underwater?

Remnants of a breakwater built 2,000 years ago suggest that the Romans knew how to make massive concrete placements underwater. Read more

Problem Clinic Avoid Butt Joints Between Formliners

We like the look you can get with textured plastic form liners, but we always seem to have trouble fitting them together or matching up ribs when we place a second lift. How can we do a better job? Read more

Problem Clinic Do Ribbed Formliners Limit Aggregate Size?

Your article on decorative form liners (May 1987, page 431) failed to comment on suitable concrete mixes. If we have ribbed form liners, can we expect problems with aggregate being too large to fit into the ribs? Read more

Problem Clinic Preventing Rust Stains

We were very pleased with our architectural concrete office building until ugly rust stains appeared on several surfaces. Did the contractor make a mistake, or is this unavoidable? What can be done? Read more

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