June 1988 Table of Contents

Features Concrete Vibration

Unless concrete is properly consolidated, voids reduce strength regardless of the water-cement ratio. Consolidating the concrete, usually by vibration, increases concrete strength by driving out entrapped air. It also improves bond strength and decreases concrete permeability. Read more

Features Aggregates Bring Lifetime Color to Concrete

Mother Nature's palette comes alive in architectural concrete through the exposure of aggregates...quartz, granite, obsidian, basalt, limestone, and many more. Read more

Features Construction Joints for Multistory Structures

In order to function properly, vertical and horizontal construction joints must be carefully located and built correctly. Read more

Features Transportation Monies Must Be Used for Transportation

The Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) crowning achievement in 1982 was adding a nickel to the federal fuel tax. Read more

Features Frequent Flyer Program for Concrete Booms

Pumping concrete through a separate placing boom has replaced crane-and-bucket methods on many high-rise construction jobs. Read more

Features Intercontinental Peace Bridge Could Join East and West

Inter-Continental Peace Bridge, Inc., was organized in 1968. The purpose and vision of this organization is to join the continents of the world by connecting the shores of Alaska and Siberia. Read more

Problem Clinic Roller-Compacted Street Pavements

We read about roller-compacted concrete (RCC) being used for streets and roads. It's reported to cost less than asphalt pavements. What's the smallest size job that can be done economically? Read more

Problem Clinic Freeze/Thaw Durability of Shotcrete

We have been building concrete arch culverts with shotcrete. They're generally protected by earth cover, but we're wondering about durability at the water line. How well will they resist freezing and thawing damage? Should we use air-entrained shotcrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Where to Buy Pavement Breaker

Where can I buy a pavement breaker that looks like a pile driver mounted on a wheel loader? Read more

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