May 1988 Table of Contents

Features Concrete High-Rises Offer Many Cost Advantages

Concrete high-rise buildings offer lower costs over the entire life of the structure. Read more

Features Tilt-Up Offers the Competitive Advantage

Tilt-up combines fast, economical construction with all the advantages of concrete: economy; speed of construction; design freedom; security; and use of local materials. Added to these advantages are concrete's durability, fire resistance, low insurance rates, and energy efficiency. Read more

Features City Spire Is New York's Tallest Reinforced Concrete

A new pinnacle on the Manhattan skyline, City Spire at 146 West 56th Street received the 1987 annual award of the New York Concrete Industry Board for overall excellence in quality of design and construction of buildings and structures using concrete as a material. Read more

Features Cost-Effective Fire Protection

For low-rise multifamily homes, concrete or concrete-masonry construction costs only slightly more than wood-frame construction. Read more

Features Pumping Lightweight Concrete 42 Stories

The most direct route for pumping deck concrete was through the lobby of Metropolitan Square, a 42-story St. Louis office building. Read more

Features Escaping the High Cost of Temporary Pavement Repairs

The cost of maintaining worn-out streets eats up so much of a city's limited funds that often little is left to invest in reconstruction. Read more

Features Chemical System Puts Hydration on Hold for Hours or Even Days

A new system for recycling returned ready mixed concrete has been developed. Read more

Features Big Building Blocks

Florida design/build construction firm R.J. Prossen, Inc., saves its clients money by combining modular design, tilt-up construction, and standardized details. Read more

Features Concrete Basements: an Upgrade That Never Goes Out of Style

Home buyers surveyed ranked ample storage space as the most desirable feature in their homes. Rooms that can easily be adapted to more than one use are the second most desirable feature. Full basements provide both of these features. Read more

Problem Clinic Curled Topping

We contracted to pour a 22x38-foot slab in an existing basement. Read more

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