November 1988 Table of Contents

Features Formwork for Spiral Ramps at Dolphins' Stadium

Joe Robbie Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins, was designed with eight 29-foot-wide pedestrian ramps. Read more

Features Laser Leveling

Using a laser system is faster than optical grade leveling and requires fewer workers. To use it correctly, though, you need to understand how the system works and how to keep it in calibration. Read more

Features Geodesic Dome of Polystyrene and Concrete

A geodesic dome requires no heavy equipment, uses locally fabricated materials, and delivers a strong, energy-efficient dwelling suitable for many climate zones. Read more

Features Desert Home in Exposed Aggregate Concrete

A remarkable concrete dwelling cut into a rocky ridge of the Arizona desert has won acclaim from many architects. Read more

Features Use Curing Blankets to Offset Cold Weather Effects on Concrete

Many concrete contractors must cope with cold weather effects on freshly placed concrete. Insulated curing blankets, used along with other cold weather procedures, can permit concrete work at temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit. Read more

Features Cooled Concrete Controls Cracking for Base Mat Pour

Cooled concrete played a big part in producing a nearly crack-free base mat for a Milwaukee high-rise building. Read more

Features Usonian Automatic: Wright's Concrete Masonry

About 1950, Frank Lloyd Wright designed a concrete masonry building system that he called Usonian Automatic. Read more

Problem Clinic Color Differences in Formed Concrete Surfaces

Discoloration mars the appearance of exterior concrete on one of our institutional buildings here in the Southeast. What causes such poor looking concrete? Can anything be done to even out the color? Read more

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