September 1988 Table of Contents

Features High Early Strength Latex Modified Concrete

A latex modified concrete (LMC) overlay delays the onset of corrosion by slowing movement of chlorides to the reinforcement. Read more

Features Getting Ahead with Colored Concrete

Regardless of the project size, a larger percentage of the money budgeted is being spent on landscaping than in past years. Read more

Features Choosing and Paying a Specialty Contractor

Choosing and paying a specialty contractor can be a painful experience. Owners want value for their construction dollars and specialists want a reasonable profit. Can they both be satisfied? Read more

Features Rib-Reinforced Expanded Steel Mesh Solves a Forming Problem

How do you place 12 inches of bedding aggregate and 6-inch-thick concrete slab on a 1-to-1 slope? It's hard enough to compact the aggregate, let alone deposit concrete on top of the bedding and keep everything from sliding when workers place and consolidate the concrete. Read more

Features D-Cracking Pavements

Concrete pavement D-cracking is a terminal condition. Once it starts, there's no known cure. The cause is known--coarse aggregates susceptible to freezing and thawing deterioration. But the only way to prevent D-cracking is to avoid using these aggregates in concrete pavements. Read more

Features Precast Concrete as an Art Medium

Artist Michael Wolk, an award-winning designer of furniture, graphics, and interiors, chose concrete for one of his largest and most public designs. Read more

Features Grass + Concrete = a Load-Bearing Lawn

It looks like a lawn but it performs with the structural capacity of a well-designed concrete slab on grade. Read more

Features Grounds for Good Living: Opportunities for Concrete in the Landscape

Landscaping offers a growth market for the concrete contractor as well as the precaster. Read more

Features Your Buy-Sell Agreement: 10 Steps to Covering All the Bases

A buy-sell agreement (sometimes known as a shareholder's agreement) provides for an orderly transfer of ownership of a closely held corporation. Read more

Problem Clinic Will Low pH Wastewater Attack Concrete?

We're building a wastewater treatment plant with two concrete tanks that hold wastewater having a pH between 5 and 5.5. Is concrete adequately resistant to acids of this strength? Read more

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