August 1989 Table of Contents

Features Expanded Polystyrene Wall Forms

Several wall forming systems now on the market and particularly well suited to home construction make concrete the meat in a sandwich of insulation. Easily assembled lightweight forms of expanded polystyrene (EPS), usually 2 inches thick, stay in place after concrete is poured, providing a wall with an R value of about 20 before any finish materials are applied. Read more

Features Home Built with Wood Fiber Concrete Panels

Is that ever-elusive "affordable housing" on the horizon for North America? A demonstration home built in Phoenix has raised hope in some quarters. The three-bedroom 1,256-square-foot-house was made with walls and partitions of nailable, sawable wood fiber concrete panels. Read more

Features Earth-Sheltered Home Shotcreted 4 Inches Thick

By building a concrete dome or arch structure with an atrium or one face exposed to the sunlight, sometimes with a cupola structure projecting above ground, homeowners are achieving the best of two worlds. They get quiet, energy-efficient homes with an abundance of natural light. Read more

Features Concrete Homes of Yesterday

This article showcases some of the methods and ideas behind early concrete homes built in America. Read more

Features Uniform Strength Test Results Reduce Concrete Cost

When concrete strength is consistent from batch to batch, suppliers can reduce their cement costs because they can meet the code requirements with a lower average strength concrete. But to take advantage of this opportunity, the suppliers have to document mix performance with records that show average strength and variations in strength. A computer program from the American Concrete Institute (ACI) makes the job easier. Read more

Features How to Expand Your Business into a New Location

Expanding business into a new location is risky. It's also the second leading cause of contractors going out of business. Expanding is not a question of whether or not you can build similar products in a new location. It's a question of whether or not you can make a profit at it. Read more

Problem Clinic Graphite Form Ties

Where can we buy graphite form ties? Read more

Problem Clinic Batching Dry Aggregates in Concrete

Is it acceptable to batch concrete with aggregates below the saturated surface-dry moisture state? If not, what standard prohibits it? Read more

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