March 1989 Table of Contents

Features Forming Architectural Concrete Elevator Shafts

A job at Illinois State University presented this contractor with several challenges. Watterson Towers in Normal, Illinois, is a 27-story student dormitory, consisting of twin towers for student rooms with a free-standing elevator shaft between them. Read more

Features Hand-Held Hydraulic Tools for Contractors

Hand-held breakers are one of the many tools that can be run by hydraulic power. Also available are concrete saws, scabblers, grinders, rock drills, and other tools that are run hydraulically instead of by an air compressor or a generator. Read more

Features Whitetopping Demonstration at the Silverdome

Whitetopping--the process of placing a thin concrete overlay directly on deteriorated asphalt parking areas--was demonstrated to a Michigan audience in the recent restoration of a section of the media/press parking section at the Pontiac Silverdome. Read more

Features Brick-Look Concrete

How can you make an ordinary concrete slab virtually indistinguishable from a fine brickwork floor? A unique surface forming method makes it possible. All that are needed are a special brick-design paper pattern and a dry shake color hardener. Read more

Features Check Your Admixtures After Winter Storage

After a cold winter, concrete contractors and producers should check leftover admixtures before starting production. Admixtures that are frozen and then thawed can have varying effects on fresh and hardened concrete. Read more

Features Kansas Study Questions Silane Sealer Effectiveness

Beginning in 1980, the Kansas Department of Transportation (KsDOT) used alkyl-alkoxy silane to waterproof 57 newly placed concrete decks or overlays on old or new bridges. In 1985, research teams inspected 14 of the treated bridge decks to see if the silane kept salt out of the concrete. Read more

Features How to Lower Workers' Compensation Costs

The severe increase in workers' compensation costs can be attributed to many factors, but the majority of the blame can be traced to a growing number of unethical employees who have learned how the system works. Read more

Features New Cement Gains Strength Fast

A pavement placed in Kansas City by Clarkson Construction Company was not an ordinary paving job. Job-cured cylinders broke at 4600 psi after only one day. Read more

Features Wire Concrete Saw Proves Its Mettle

Sometimes conventional concrete saws or jackhammers can't be used to remove concrete from an existing structure. Dominion Construction Co. Ltd. ran into such a case in the construction of Toronto Dominion (TD) Centre, an office complex built in Winnipeg. Read more

Features Advances in Computerized Estimating

Whether your company estimates manually or by computer, never be totally satisfied with the results. No matter how fast your takeoff or how accurate your projected costs, advances in estimating software technology can help you do it better. Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete Saw Blade Life

We're saw cutting a road that consists of 6 inches of concrete overlaid with 1 inch of asphaltic concrete. In most places there's only 1/2 inch of asphalt left. The cut is 3 inches deep and our saw blades are lasting for only 500 lineal feet of cutting. I Read more

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